Nurturing Real Estate Leads through Content Marketing

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Nurturing Real Estate Leads through Content Marketing

May 31, 2018
8 min read

Content Marketing has become one of the principal mechanism of Organizations for generating leads. Content marketing helps an organization in establishing its own brand and mushrooming the audiences. Today Content marketing is seen as the principal lead generation strategy for businesses and what makes this strategy efficacious is content management.

In today’s digital era, from small and medium, to major corporates, the businesses have shifted their focus to a digital platform for marketing and they use content marketing to target a broad section of the audience.

Today it has become imperative for all types of businesses, including the real estate ones to chalk out an appropriate content marketing plan to source profitable income digitally.

So if you design a smart Content marketing strategy for your real estate business, you are surely going to get leads from your website which would benefit your real estate business.


Lead nurturing is one of the main strategies that can help any business with their online marketing endeavours.  However, you must keep in mind that every lead is significant and by using the correct tactics, leads can turn into opportunities.

However, it is necessary to know the following Statistics associated with Leads:-

80% of the freshly generated leads do not convert into Sales.
Half of the old leads even after follow up never bring business.
Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales
Nurtured leads make 47% more purchases than non-nurtured leads

Lead nurturing aims at developing relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales process, and during the buyer’s journey. You need to put on marketing and communication efforts to understand the needs of prospects, and you should provide them with all the information and answers they are seeking by a way of courteous response.

Now, there are multiple ways to generate business leads like attending tradeshows, running pay-per-click (PPC) digital campaigns and buying business contact lists which will surely help you nurture leads but they all come up with some inherent limitations.

List purchase may be troublesome because you may receive an outdated contact sheet. Tradeshows, conferences, and exhibitions require a lot of capital and manpower. Lastly, PPC campaigns are never a one-time event and it requires money to keep the leads coming.

Unlike other strategies, content marketing is an entirely different strategy because it is a platform which continuously produces leads online over time. Using high-quality content as a strategy in digital marketing is similar to using compound interest in finances.

This is because the content you write today will continue to produce targeted traffic long after you’ve moved on to your next content. This platform will reward you every month and perhaps every year.

Efficaciously identifying and developing leads in today’s pro buyer market is all about patronizing strong buyer relationships strategically, and then supporting it with a thorough content marketing plan. When you nurture your real estate leads, you are keeping in touch with a prospective client, right from the stages of initial contact until the time when they are ready to become your client.

You need to keep probable clients updated about your news and services so that your brand or business remains in their mind. In this way, you can eventually aim to convince them and make them part of your clientele.

So the best way to nurture real estate leads is by employing content marketing strategies. But how would you nurture leads for real estate business using content marketing?

Content marketing is the muscle of the online marketing Strategy and is known to give voice to the brands in the digital era. In other words, content marketing is the process of creating apposite and invaluable content like blog posts, infographics, and video which has the power to allure, hold, and assist your audience.

Buyers have been exploring the Internet for answers to their questions and solutions for their problems that brands should provide. Content marketing assists the buyers at every stage of the buyer’s journey, by helping them clear there doubts and finally buying them what they want.

The following Content Marketing strategies could be used effectively:-


Email marketing is still one of the most popular ways to stay in touch with your clients as well as prospective clients. If you are using Email Marketing you should try to divide your email audience into those who are client already and those who are perspective and keep your emails informative so that they can add some value.

With the help of emails, you can keep your target audience updated about everything that is happening in your business. And the best thing about email marketing is that you can stay in touch without interfering with their daily routine and task or ask them to devote time when they are extremely busy. The following Stats associated with Email marketing is essential:-

74% of consumers prefer commercial communications through email.
Email marketing has a Return on Investments of 4,300%.
The pertinent emails have the power to generate 18 times more revenue than other broadcasts

Email is the most direct way to target particular content to a particular lead, but the following five things are required to be kept in mind for an effective email marketing strategy. An email should be designed in such a fashion that it has the following features:-

Trusted: Your email is going to be received by your client and so you should design it in a fashion which not only attracts him but also generates trust in him.
Relevant: You should send emails in a targeted fashion to the relevant audience only

Conversational: Make sure the receiver of the email responds to your email.

Coordinated: Your email should be able to connect the content of your website and social media.

Strategic: Design your content strategically so that you get your buyer. Aim at high ROI.


If you wish to create an impact on social media you need to make sure at creating mutually beneficial working liaisons with your target audience. The best way to do it today is by creating a widespread social media presence for your brand. Experts have observed that almost 84% of real estate businesses use social media especially Facebook for marketing purposes.

Using “content strategy” for social media demands creativity of a higher level. You should also keep in mind that all social media channels are different and so will be the content in each such media channels.

The need for any business is strategic social marketing and this simply means identifying the most relevant social media channel which will help you reach your target audience. You will also need to identify the content type like image, video, eBooks, text etc that will be able to convey your brand’s story.

You will have to follow the following golden rules of social marketing:

You should present excellent content and some reasonable offers.
You will require a strong CTA. [A call to action (CTA) is a marketing tool that aims at converting visitors and viewers into customers]
Keep on adding Value to your brand.
Remember that social media is a two-way lane.
Focus on your product and target Audience.
You can use Peer-to-peer sharing for getting yourself heard.

And lastly try to grab as much attention as possible by actively responding to questions placed by your followers, sharing videos, tutorials and other compelling content which can easily impact and influence potential customers.


Websites are the best way to reach out to those who are still considering whether to buy or not. Since the majority of metropolitan home buyers rely on the Internet to search for their dream homes, you can make a communicative website to sell your buyers their dream home.

Your website is your online home base which creates the first impression on the target audience. You should develop an apt and attractive website that would connect with your audience.

You should focus on these three areas for a focused content strategy:

Strategic landing pages: Make strategic use of keyword/user intent combinations to create strong Landing pages.
Blog: A Blog is a vital tool for keeping website content fresh and updated.
Resource Center: It is an online library which organizes your content and gives perfect user experience.

Marketing automation technology is a solution which will allow the real estate business to streamline and automate their marketing efforts across various channels, and improve efficiency to drive more sales. If you need more information on online lead generation, tips for real estate businesses, contact us today.

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