Email Marketing and Automation: Best Practices

Smart companies utilize automated email campaigns to trigger off the actions of their users. Email automation is a great way of building relationships with your prospects and therefore plays a vital role in the Inbound Marketing campaign. Keep your audience engaged with regular interaction through a series of personalized emails.

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E-mail Marketing and Automation

Automated emails are playing a significant role in the smart email marketing campaigns of today. Through automated emails, businesses are getting various advantages where they can precisely reach their target audience when there are high chances of conversion, and in fact, when they need to reach out.

What is Marketing Automation?

Email automation is basically an automated strategy through which you can send messages to your list at your preferred time and in a personalized manner. In simpler words, it is the conversion of your email deliveries from the traditional, manual process to an automated one.

The inbound marketing platform for a brand is largely benefited from marketing automation. The tracking of behavior and identification of a specific set of customers provides details about what your customers are interested in and when you should present them with that. Not only this, but marketing automation also assists in sending and suitably responding to the messages automatically; with the help of a marketing channel.

Impact of Email Marketing Automation on Inbound Marketing

Automation, the word itself is enough to break the ice on how it impacts inbound marketing. But it offers way beyond benefits than anyone can think.

Segmented emails have a better impact on the customer

Marketing automation lets you segment your lead database or customers into multiple groups and send personalized messages to different groups on the basis of their buying behavior, demographics, and interests.

Take an example – your business sells separate gear for men and women, email marketing automation will let you create separate messages for your customers as per the interests. Due to this, the email recipients get only that content that is in line with their preferences and interests.

Transactional emails are boosting the revenue

The messages that are automatedly passed on to the visitors of a site after they took a certain step are known as transactional emails. These steps can be: purchasing from your site, downloading your e-book, etc. Typically, the transactional emails cover some general info that was expected by a recipient without having the need for the recipient to stop there; such as – free download link for the e-book or estimated date of shipping.

There are higher chances of interaction with transactional emails as compared with the promotional ones, and thus you can use them to encourage your customers for getting them more engaged in your product or service.

Drip campaigns help in engaging the leads

A drip campaign is the one in which there is a sequence of automated emails which the businesses can send to their leads for a specified period and on a constant schedule. Drip campaigns are really beneficial when you want to keep your brand in the minds of the people who do not want to buy your product or service but are somewhere interested in it. These emails can be utilized to address the customer’s issues, answer FAQs, etc.

A better understanding of the customer purchase cycle

One of the significant advantages of marketing automation is that you can schedule your emails to reach out to your customers at a precise time. For instance – your company is selling an organic green tea. Knowing that an average customer of yours will finish the pack in 20 days, your email delivery can be scheduled 15 days after they have made the purchase; as a reminder to restock their green tea.

Marketing Automation Best Practices for Growing your Business

The only way to get the best out of your marketing automation is by deploying the email automation best practices. Here are some practices for achieving fruitful results from email marketing and automation.

Use welcome emails for building customer relationships

Welcomes emails are an excellent start to building customer relationships with your brand. Remember to send the welcome email instantly when a customer signs up for your brand since fresh thoughts of your business are there on his mind.

Also, the recipient’s name should be included and it should be very personalized. Your welcome email should also inform the recipients about a brief plan of what you will be sending them in the future emails, the frequency of your emails, and how they can contact you.

Give importance to the frequency of emails

It is good to send consistent emails to your subscribers, but in the process, you should keep in mind that nobody likes to be overwhelmed. As per the statistics, most of the unsubscriptions happen because people receive so many emails from brands. To solve this, your email footer should contain a section where your subscribers have the option to choose the frequency of receiving your emails.

Tell stories

They say if you are not able to tell a great story, you will not be able to generate sales. The best way of connecting people with one another is through stories that have emotional relevance, and doing the same on your email marketing can turn out to be really fruitful.

Do not directly sell your product

Since storytelling is an essential segment of engaging your users, you can use it for indirect selling of your product. Try to combine CTAs with your stories. And these CTAs do not need to directly take the subscribers of your emails to the buying page. Rather than directly introducing sales funnel, you can link your subscriber to an informative blog post.

However, while using such types of soft CTAs, you should make sure that you are formulating effective strategies for initiating sales of your product (which is your main aim).

Effectively measure how your email campaign is performing

Usually, when it comes to measuring the email campaign’s success, businesses emphasize on the open and click ratio. However, more enhanced ways have entered the market. One example of this is open and click reach. In this, you can keep a record of the people who have read your emails in a certain period. Thereafter, segments can be created on the basis of active as well as inactive subscribers. This data will help you in personalizing your email campaigns.

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