Social Media Strategy for your Inbound Marketing: Best Practices

Having an online presence of your business without having an effective social media strategy can turn out to be lamentable for your business as there are no plans!

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Effective Social Media Strategy for your Inbound Marketing

An effective social media marketing strategy helps to attract and engage more and more number of customers. Social media plays a significant part in inbound marketing. It helps in attracting more visitors as well as converting them into the potential leads.

Why Social Media is Essential to Inbound Marketing?

Nowadays, inbound marketing has become a crucial part of online marketing. And from the day inbound marketing got into the industry, social media is known to play a great role in its popularity. Social media is a convenient way to reach your customers as well as determining their preferences and desires.

Social media has its own importance in inbound marketing since it offers a sort of human connection that is quite essential in dealing with the customers. Here are some points that will explain more about the social media importance in inbound marketing.

Generating ideas for content

Businesses always struggle when it comes to creating content for their customers. The best way out for creating several ideas is to dig deeper into social media. You can get ideas about the trending videos and other kinds of content and then adjust your strategies accordingly. Apart from this, you can also figure out the actual issues that the people are facing today and try to bring a solution through your products and services.

Promotion of content

No matter how exceptional your content is, you cannot reach there until you have marketed it well. And, there is no better place for this than social media.

People usually tend to visit their social media accounts for engaging. You can smoothly put-in your campaign in the middle of the news feed and that will surely help you generate engagement.

Boost to your SEO

Nowadays, the majority of people use the internet while buying a product or service. 89% of the population searched on Google while making their purchase decision in 2013. And there is no doubt that this number is growing swiftly.

So, you are bound to lose out a high percentage of your potential customers to your rivals if you do not focus on the SEO. And, you can give a boost to your SEO rankings through social media. You can develop relationships with the social media professionals like bloggers, influencers, etc. for more engagement of your product. This will automatically increase your SEO rankings.

An excellent social media marketing service can be availed to give a boost to SEO.

Understanding and connecting with your audience

Social media helps you get in-depth information about the people and the trends. You can utilize social media data while creating buyer personas to know about the places that you should target for reaching them.

While you know about the places where your target audience can be spotted, you have a chance to directly communicate with them to know about their needs and preferences. This will also help you to develop useful and engaging content for your audience.

Researching about the new markets

Social media does not only provide scope for identifying your targets. Rather, you can also discover the new markets. You can identify the markets that are in the look-out for your service by knowing about the people who search for or talk about your keywords.

So basically, social media is the core of inbound marketing. The ideas that are created, the things that are learned, and the impact it leaves on your online marketing tactics will be beyond what you have expected.

How to Develop a Social Media Strategy?

Just like any other goal that you develop, social media marketing also requires a documented strategy if you want to achieve your aim. A strategy helps you focus on your objectives and processes, which will ultimately enhance your business results.

Here is a step by step guide on social media marketing tips and developing a productive social media strategy.

Step 1: Pick a social network

Deciding where you should be having your social media presence is indispensable. This will include the type of network as well as whether your presence should be on multiple networks or not.

The platform which you are deciding should be the one that has the most of your audience. There will be no point in posting content on networks where there is an inactive audience.

Since there will be many businesses out there who will be having the same audience as yours, you can also research their followings to figure out your potential customers.

It is important to decide the social channel you will be on because it makes no sense of being active on a network that does not have an audience for the niche you are targeting at.

Step 2: Outline the content to be shared

Just like you give your 100 percent to give your blog the engagement it needs, it is equally important to focus on your social media strategy. If you plan your content marketing in the right way, you can easily work on topics that your audience is interested in. Your content should fit the niche of your business. And if it does not, then it is not required to post that content. Instead, you can share it on your personal profile.

You should also understand why people are interested in your social media profile. Understanding this will help you create content that your audience is looking for. And for this, you can create various surveys with the help of tools like Google Forms, SurveyMonkey, etc.

Step 3: Outline the content to be developed

It is important to know about your strengths in content creation before you actually start to work on it. You don’t have to follow bigger platforms like Youtube if you don’t have the expertise to create a professional Youtube video. Instead, you can figure out your natural strengths in terms of resources and talent for getting the best output.

For this, you can ask yourselves some questions like:

  • What are the available software and apps for creating content?
  • Can your team members assist you in the process?
  • Are you more into providing useful information or you have great humour?
  • Whether you have expertise in designing or writing?

Step 4: Set out your goals

There can be many reasons for your social campaign. Not every business looks for the same results. And when you know it prior to setting up your campaigns, you can definitely get benefits out of that. The reasons can be- increasing sales, increasing followers, etc.

Firstly, pen down what do you expect from your social media campaigns as a whole and then pen down specific goals (such as in numbers).

Step 5: Draft a schedule and a promotional plan

It is now time to draft a solid plan for your social media strategy.

It is important to post regularly to increase your following. So, you can make a plan for this and stick to it. For instance- 1 post daily for Linkedin, 1 post daily for Facebook, 5 tweets daily on Twitter, and so on.

Now you can draft the best plan for sharing your content while considering the norms for sharing the same piece of content for more than one time on certain social networks.

You can publish the content more than one time in networks like Twitter, Facebook because there is a quick cycle for news feeds on these platforms.

In all this, you should also consider what budget you can smoothly spend on your content marketing strategy and set your limits. Once the decided limit has been hit, you can evaluate whether the results have been achieved or not for further actions.

An efficient social media marketing strategy does not only involve posting. Dintellects understands that social networking optimization is a delicate and nuanced thing. What works for the other brand may not work for you. Hence, we comprehensively design unique social media strategies for your business to up your inbound marketing game.

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