Lead Nurturing: Best Practices

Whether you are into B2B or B2C business, lead nurturing is one of the most effective ways to drive sales home. An effective lead nurturing tactic is essential in converting leads into actual sales. It acts as a catalyst in the sales funnel with a clear role of converting high volume leads into sales. Don’t just leave your leads unattended, integrate an effective lead nurturing plan to amplify your conversion rate.

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What is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing helps in maintaining a prospect- brand relationship. With the help of the process of lead nurturing, your potential customer knows about your brand and starts developing likeliness towards your product or service. Providing insights into the queries of your leads and listening to their needs is what basically lead nurturing is. Lead nurturing is a segment of inbound marketing where interaction takes place between the leads and the brands and the leads are pushed towards purchasing the brand’s products or services.

Lead Nurturing Best Practices

Your marketing campaigns can get a boost with lead nurturing. Because with it, your potential audience can be directed to the buying stage. These lead nurturing best practices must be taken into account for the benefit of your business.

Develop customized content

The best way to establish a relationship with your leads is by developing content that makes direct communication with them. Your lead should feel that he is personally being addressed, rather than being a mere number on your list. This marks the importance of using your lead’s information like name, industry vertical, etc. while addressing them.

A variety of channels can be used for this purpose including- social media, events and webinars, emails, website content, etc.

No matter what channel you use, it will be highly productive for your business. But the best among these is using emails for lead nurturing since they can be delivered frequently and have a more personalized approach.

Give guides

It requires a lot of patience and time to assist your leads in becoming your customers. It should be done in an organic manner and you should certainly avoid intrusive pressure.

Customers buy products which are advantageous for them, and you should inform about your brand’s benefits to your leads by the way of educational and informative content. Keep in mind that these guides should vary as per the sales funnel stage you are trying to target.

Develop justifiable content with your target’s needs

Customization leads to the effective building of trust between your leads and the business, as discussed even before. You can customize your content in-line with your leads preferences through:

  • Finding out about the needs of your leads and what all issues they are looking to solve.
  • Developing buyer personas with the help of demographic details such as- age, job profile, etc.
  • Putting instances in your content that can be relatable with your leads routine lives.
  • Sharing your brand’s behind-the-scenes and personal experiences.
  • Adding your personal details such as contact info to create an impression among your leads that you are not a bot.

Focus your content on the stage of the sale

It is essential to understand the sales funnel of the customers for a better understanding of the selling process. There are three stages of a sales funnel and those are-

  • Product awareness
  • Product consideration
  • Product buying

The intention of your lead is different at every stage, and therefore you should create different content at different steps. You can avail maximum lead nurturing benefits when your content is focused upon every stage of the journey of your lead.

Marketing automation

Using marketing automation in your lead nurturing can be really helpful. Imagine that your every lead is receiving a personalized message and is getting high-quality support from your end. Marketing automation lets you in reaching this scenario.

You can target messages with the help of marketing automation within your set parameters and according to the actions your leads are taking. This software is a significant time saver for your business since it is not possible to follow up a massive number of leads in a manual way.

Time-to-time follow-ups

Marketing automation is an excellent tool, but following up your leads with automatic email campaigns is not a good idea. The most effective way out for sending your reminders is following your potential customers in the set pattern, i.e. 5th day, 8th day, 12th day, etc., which can be then followed by monthly follow-ups.


Call-to-actions play a significant part in productive lead nurturing campaigns. If you want to attract your potential customers, then CTAs can be an excellent source. They help you show your leads that you can potentially have the solution for their existing problems.

Your CTA should not be basic; instead, it should stand ahead of the pack. You can use it in FAQs, emails, homepages, social media, slidebars, blogs, etc.

Dintellects helps in converting your website traffic into database contacts by creating website pop-ups, strategically designed landing pages, etc. for capturing the potential leads for your business. Get your leads converted into sales with us!

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