How Influencer Marketing Helps in the Growth of Your Business

by | Apr 3, 2018

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Trust is a foundation of every relation, be it personal or professional.  Also is a key to marketing as without trust you cannot influence your target audience to buy products and have long term association with consumers. At times in the absence of faith, even the finest quality product remains unsold in the storehouse, waiting to be purchased.

Companies along with executing various marketing strategies recommended by the old school of marketing are now getting flexible in opting for new marketing strategies which in turn are proving to be more successful. Considering the human tendency to trust a product more if it is recommended by someone from friends and family,

Influencer marketing is being practised by almost every company to win the trust of consumers. This is called influencer marketing and we all knowingly or unknowingly practise it somehow. This new kind of marketing incentivizes customer for promoting your business.

Underneath are 8 ways proving the effectiveness of influencer marketing in the growth of your business –

It increases presence on Social media

Seeing the obsession of people with social media, the presence of a company on such sites is vital for marketing. Companies post and create their pages on social media.  There are some companies too who pay for ads on such sites.  With the help of influencer marketing, the paid or incentivized social media browsers use the information about the business, its products and links, which in turn aids in marketing your products.

Builds loyalty of the customers

The act of incentivizing, paying and giving commissions to influencer generate his loyalty towards the brand they are marketing. It also succeeds in winning the faith of more customers who trust the influencer.

Harmonizes multiple kinds of Effective Advertising

Influencer marketing involves several and effective marketing strategies like Social networking sites, native, media and SEO. Influencer marketing is empowered due to it even in the times of pitfall trends.

Beats Several Pitfalls including Ad- Block

Consumers are tracing new ways to ad- blocks as digital marketing take over internet dominantly. With the tools like ad block restricting the view of standard advertisements, marketers are depending upon subtle advertising with other media. Influencer marketers eliminate ad block or other identical tools.

Yields Higher Return on Investments

Influencer marketing program can be run at nominal rates through marketing companies. Few companies conduct their own influencer marketing campaigns offering opportunities to customers to post their reviews etc on a low fee. The cost of influencer marketing is reasonable and can gain you a high return on investment as this type of advertising is quite effectual.

Expands your reach

A person qualifies for being an influencer only if he is socially active and has many connections. Usually, influencer marketing is conducted online and influencer is anticipated to have a large network on Social media like Twitter, Facebook etc and consequently expanding the reach of business faster than the other marketing tools.

Identifies significant Markets and Leads

Influencer develops a niche market as have a connection due to personal relationships or common interest. When business executes influencer marketing strategy,  it can influence and reach influencer specific niche developing relevant leads and markets thereon.

Boosts Your SEO

Ranking of a website in SEO is usually hard and an influencer marketing service provider can assist and create SEO-friendly media for influencers to share with friends and followers.   It can increase the online visibility of your company and thereby reaching more and more viewers and enhancing brand authority.


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