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Is Your Website Hungry for Hits? Time to E.A.T

Jun 19, 2019
4 min read

To improve your SEO, here’s a metric you should digest.

It’s called E.A.T and it stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

These are a series of standards published by Google for its quality assurance team. Thus, these principles are very important when it comes to figuring out what Google rates highly in terms of quality.

Look at it this way. If your site helps customers to make important decisions, or even if it simply accepts credit card transactions, it’s critical for it to have a high E.A.T. ranking. Without such parameters, people are simply going to turn away.

Another aspect of E.A.T. is that, it can be viewed in two ways: E.A.T. of the entire website, and E.A.T. of the author of a specific article.

Which means that your site’s content should be consistently valuable and reliable, and those who produce such content should be experts in their field, with a solid reputation.

If trusted pages link to your site and its authors, and if there are regular mentions in the press, Google’s algorithms can use these to measure and check your E.A.T.

There are many other ways, too. Read on to discover some of the best ways to improve E.A.T.

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Some Handpicked Steps to Boost E.A.T


  • In all editorial content, include a short author bio that mentions key facts such as social media profiles and other recognition’s. This helps in both expertise and trust, especially in the case of author E.A.T. If the authors have their own websites, do ask them to link to their work on your site


  • Ask customers for reviews and testimonials. And feature them on prominently your site. There’s nothing like such word-of-mouth to increase trust. In addition, articles, forum posts and discussions featuring your site are also a great help as a way to improve E.A.T


  • Work on your personal branding. Use social media to create relationships and provide information about achievements. Of course, you should congratulate others on their feats, too


  • In your site’s About Us page, include  information such as years of experience, areas of expertise, and other recognition. That’s a good strategy to improve E.A.T for SEO


  • Try and get relevant back links, to increase authority and expertise. It’s important that these back links should be from sites that are authoritative and valuable. For example, if a prominent newspaper has ever featured your site. For other sites, you could, for a start, link to them, and after that, reach out to request them to return the favor. That’s one of the best ways to improve E.A.T


  • It’s important that your site be secure and over HTTP. Insecure connections can be flagged by search engines as untrustworthy. This creates a poor impression. Technical security and venerability are critical. This especially matters if you use your site for sales, or for other reasons where financial and personal details are involved


  • Make your content original and helpful. It should not just be a series of articles that the consumer can find anywhere else on the web. For example, you can summarize the latest scientific or other research material pertaining to a relevant topic. You could request experts in such fields to write about it, or even get short quotes from them


  • Also related to the above point: your content should not only be promotional and sales-oriented. Providing solutions and helpful, original and actionable information, and thus giving the consumer what he or she is looking for, is a key step. Once you do this, the chances of being commented on or linked to on other sites automatically go up

E.A.T plays a vital role on your SEO rankings. Make sure you implement all the above mentioned guidelines and improve your search engine rankings.

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Kshitij Chaudhary