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What Our Customers Say

Ali Ghasemi

We commissioned the team at Dintellects to build our new website from the ground up and to do an SEO and social media marketing package. We could not be happier with their integrity, performance and professionalism in all aspects of the work they continue to do for us. I would highly recommend their services to all my colleagues and friends.

Tim Canada

We got in touch with Kshitij 6 months back and I’m really thankful to him and his team for providing us ample remedies and solutions to boost ROI.

Govind Davis

It’s difficult to find SEO provers offshore that have a full combination of true SEO skills, good communication, and business awareness needed to get SEO results. Dintellects has done a great job, not just as technical experts but also in their reliability and follow through.

The Essentials of B2B Inbound Marketing

B2B sales cycles are generally lengthier than selling directly to end consumers. From strategic development to a walkthrough of the complete buyer journey, closing a B2B sale is much more difficult than normal. Targeting ideal clients and providing superlative support at every touchpoint of the B2B marketing funnel pave way for the ideal pack for effective inbound marketing.

The Inbound marketing methodology works towards generating demand. This traction is achieved through the engagement of targeted customers during their buyer journey through helpful and effective problem-solving content solutions. These offerings accompany every stage of a buyer’s journey, thereby tapping into their mindset. This approach helps attract, convert, and acquire new customers, and even delights the existing ones. B2B businesses are assisted at every step of the ‘awareness’, ‘consideration’, and ‘decision’ stages.