5 Industries Getting the Most ROI from Digital Marketing

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5 Industries Getting the Most ROI from Digital Marketing

Nov 20, 2017
4 min read

Digital marketing is the order of the day. But the biggest question that arises here is- Are all the efforts put into making digital marketing campaigns a success worth it? And are these digital marketing efforts helping businesses get a concrete ROI? Are people really clicking? And are products being sold? The simple answer to this entire question is an outright ‘yes.’ And this has been claimed by studies, time and again. But did you know certain sectors happen to be bigger beneficiaries than others?
Yes! Below, you find all the five industries for which the ROI on digital marketing is higher-


This may surprise you a little, but yes, the law industry has a large share of the digital marketing pie. You will also be surprised to know that this success hasn’t resulted from any strategic move. Then what makes this industry stand out? It’s blogging!

Attorneys are people who have a great grip in communication. They are also great at describing how the law world works. And they can be lucid where they need to be. It’s not just on their firm’s website but also in other legal forums that these attorneys write and attract attention of readers inquisitive about legal affairs. Since people read their blogs, the firms with which these attorneys are associated, earn new clients. Hence, law firms don’t invest a lot on digital marketing, but they do get ROI as impressive as any other successful industry with successful digital marketing efforts.


What do you do when you need some health-related information? Do you see a doctor? Of course not! You browse through the internet and get all the info you require. Yes, it’s as easy as that. According to Pew Research Center, about 77 percent of people prefer to obtain health related information from the internet. Although doctors are still important, they are not the first people, who are approached for health-related information. And that is why it’s important for medical practitioners and healthcare organisations to strengthen their digital marketing efforts. This way, they can gain more popularity and in turn clients than they expect.


Marketing has forever been a crucial part of the automobile industry. Starting from eye-catchy television commercials, to sleek print ads- almost every marketing effort taken by automobile companies is above par. With the advent of the concept of digital marketing, the auto industry just got an added boost. In fact, digital marketing happens to be one of the most favourite marketing channels for the auto industry today. A lot of studies have also revealed that the amount spent by auto companies on digital marketing campaigns is comparatively higher than what is spent on traditional advertising campaigns. The result? The result is that the auto industry is one of those industries with very high ROI on digital marketing.


Entertain companies these days share most of their info and content on social media forums. Starting from live videos, behind the scene footages to photos and trailers- you can see a lot of entertaining stuff on social media. What else these contents do is making people decide on what to do and what not to do i.e. which movie or show to watch or not watch.

One thing is glaringly clear here is that the ROI on digital marketing efforts put in by entertainment firms is considerably high. It’s higher as compared to efforts put on traditional media.


People share a kind of sentimental connection with food. And when it comes to food products, they don’t like to shift their loyalty. And this is the reason, why you can see tons of adverts carrying pictures and videos of scrumptious looking food, on social media forums posted by food companies. The interesting thing about these ads is that they ensure higher customer engagement too.

So, one thing is clear- the food industry is no more confined to boring culinary books. And the way the food and recipes are presented makes people think that the food industry indeed cares for their eating preferences. The results? The industry is earning great ROI on digital marketing.

Digital marketing has proved really helpful for these industries! If your business belongs to any of these categories, you now know what to do; get more active on social media and try to be at the forefront of the digital marketing scene.

Punam Raut