5 Benefits Of Google Maps For Local Businesses

by | Sep 12, 2022

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Google Maps is Google’s very own virtual map service which can guide you through the safest and fastest route to whatever location you want to go. But it’s not only limited to providing directions and route suggestions. It’s enriched with heaps of data about every big and small place regardless of its nature, allowing users insight into nearby businesses that offer products or services they are looking for. It’s a full-service guide for everything you are looking for, from nearby ATMs and gas stations to businesses and shops. And since so many users regularly use Google Maps to find and locate nearby businesses, it has become a potent marketing tool, especially for local businesses.

In this article, we will talk about 5 Google Maps benefits for local businesses. We will also address how Google Maps and your Google My Business profile can boost your local SEO efforts and push you up in search rankings. Before delving straight into the topic, let’s first look at how a Google Maps business listing is created.

How is your Google Maps listing created?

Your business will be automatically listed on Google Maps if you have a completed Google My Business profile. The foremost step in making your business visible on Google Maps is filling your Google My Business profile with accurate and current information. If you want to experience the true potential of Google Maps as a marketing channel for your business, the information you provide must be precise to the best of your knowledge. You don’t want a wrong business address listed on Google Maps, which can result in your prospects getting lost on their way to your store or office.

The digital address of your business must be accurate too. You can lose prospects to your competitors by having your Google Maps listing redirects them to broken or non-operational web pages. Filling in your Google My Business profile with up-to-date information is important to ensure customers don’t face unnecessary hassles reaching your content. Keep updating your GMB profile from time to time and provide preliminary information on closures or unavailability to ensure customers don’t face unnecessary frustrations.

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How to verify a Google My Business listing

You must claim or create your profile to verify your Google My Business listing. After that, you can verify your profile through phone, text, email, or video. You may need to verify using more than one method. Once verified, Google will review your verification and approve it after a few weeks. If Google fails to verify your business, you must apply for re-verification. Instant verification is possible for Google Search Console users whose website is already linked with their Google account. In such a case, there will not be a verification step upon creating the GMB profile, and making edits will be available instantly. To know about the entire verification process in detail, click here.

How Google Maps helps local businesses

1. Helps customers find your business – As mentioned earlier, millions of users use Google Maps daily to discover businesses. With a strong presence on Google Maps, your business can get the necessary visibility to attract new customers and grow. All prospects must do is put in a query relating to your business. A well-optimized profile for relevant keywords will be visible in the recommendations, and your prospects can view your business information. If they are impressed by your offerings, they can visit your website or come to your physical location, hopefully, convert into new customers.

2. Helps customers to contact your business – In continuation of the previous point, customers can reach out to you regarding inquiries by having your business profile listed on Google Maps. Your interaction with prospects will significantly increase with a Google Maps listing. Now it’s up to your sales skills and the merits of your product to convert them into customers. You can also notice a substantial increase in footfalls in your physical store, with prospects being able to find you more easily on Google Maps.

3. Generate traffic to the website – Since Google’s various solutions are interconnected at the core, its search engine algorithms will automatically gather information from your Google Maps business listing to rank your website for relevant keywords. If your profile strategically includes keywords that your typical prospects will use, you can start to see higher rankings on SERPs. And higher rankings directly translate to more traffic to your website.

4. Higher credibility – With a Google Maps listing, customers get the assurance that you are a certified business. Since customers trust Google and value the suggestions it provides for their users, if your profile is recommended to them on Google Maps, they’ll consider you a more genuine and trustworthy business. Furthermore, with a verified business profile, your credibility in the eyes of Google will also increase, which can shoot your website up in search results.

5. Helps local SEO rankings – Local businesses gain the most advantage from a Google Maps listing. Since many local searches end with the term ‘near me’ if your business is listed on Google Maps in the same location as the searcher’s, your business can rank at the top of search results. You must mention your business’s accurate address and include relevant keywords in your profile to get the most out of your local SEO efforts from your Google Maps listing.

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If you own a business in today’s world and don’t have a Google Maps listing, you are missing out on a highly potent but free marketing opportunity. Make your Google My Business profile today and enjoy the benefits of having your business appear on Google Maps. If you are an SEO agency looking to offer your clients high-quality, result-oriented local SEO services, turn to a white-label digital marketing setup today. A reputable white-label digital marketing company like Dintellects can leverage its years of experience, unmatched expertise, and high-end tools to deliver tangible results to your clients, all under your own brand name. Get in touch today to know more about our services at Dintellects, our SEO pricing structure, and local SEO packages.

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