White Label Facebook Ads Services for Agencies

Expand your digital marketing options with Dintellects’ aid and let us plan and execute high-performing, revenue-generating white label Facebook ad campaigns for your clients on your behalf.

Get prepared for Facebook Ads with the experts at Dintellects. We have white label solutions to optimize your resources.

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We are a Team of Facebook Ads Experts

Comprised of exceptional Facebook marketers, managers, and specialists, our team has helped countless agencies execute Facebook ad campaigns for their clients and produced significant ROIs with minimum CACs with our White-label Facebook Ads services.

White Label Facebook Ads are a Key to Online Marketing

We are well aware of Facebook’s massive size and the significance it plays in the lives of people across the world. The rise of businesses wanting Facebook ads is increasing. Start providing your clients with this upward-trending service with the help of Dintellects’ White Label Facebook Ad services.

Why Should Your Agency Work with Dintellects?

Access To The Latest Tools And Technologies

Tried and True Strategies

We reap the benefits of our experiences and avoid practices that would hinder your clients’ growth. Having worked in various genres and demographics, our team will develop a profitable strategy to make the most of your campaigns.

Detailed Consumer Insights

Detailed Consumer Insights

This is the first step we employ before executing campaigns. This helps us to strategize more clearly and precisely, which helps us deliver better results to your clients.

Documentation and Campaign Planning

Documentation and Campaign Planning

Successful Facebook advertising strategies can only be developed as documentation is available. Following these recommendations and SOPs will help create more effective Facebook advertising campaigns for clients.

Campaign Setup From the Ground Level

Campaign Setup From the Ground Level

Identifying a campaign’s final objectives is the first step. Whether the goal is to increase interaction, sales, or the number of followers, our team will help you determine the most effective approach for your clients.

Target Based Results

Target Based Results

Different targets mean different strategies. Dintellects will make sure your clients’ campaigns are going in the right direction and that you get desired outputs at the lowest costs possible. Our team uses the best industry tools to analyze campaigns thoroughly before taking the next step to increase the likelihood of positive results.

Experienced Ads Managers

Experienced Ads Managers

Working with Dintellects is a breeze. Our ad managers have extensive experience and are aware of which strategies succeed and which ones don’t. Our staff is ready to help with every step, from brainstorming and strategy to implementation and analysis.

Dedicated Project Manager

Dedicated Project Manager

Ditch the stress of chasing after updates. Our project manager will keep you updated on the status of all of your projects by calling, emailing, and texting you consistently. The fact that our project managers are reachable at all times means that you can always obtain the latest information on your project’s status.

Advantages of Choosing White Label Facebook Ads Services

Get Visibility, generate leads, scale clients’ businesses and more – white label Facebook ads services can be fruitful in many ways. It’s always best to have a full-fledged expert team supporting your business.

Quick Response

Time Efficient

You can outsource the operation of your advertising campaigns to our team and devote your own time and energy to other activities. It’s common knowledge that having a team of specialists behind you allows you to get more done in less time and the same goes for Facebook ads.


Minimizes Cost

Using white label Facebook ads, you can cut back on other resources and management expenditures and put that money to better use. As a result, you’ll have more time to expand your business instead of maintaining your advertising efforts.

Save Resources

Save Resources

White-labeling eliminates the need to spend extra cash for high-end software or resources. You can conduct successful Facebook ad campaigns with the help of our services without paying for a costly premium tool or subscription.

Streamlined Workflow

Hire Facebook Ads Specialists Remotely

Hiring a professional and white-labeling your Facebook advertisements is a great way to save time, energy, and hassle compared to doing it yourself. Start by enlisting the expertise of a remote White Label Facebook Ads Expert.

Data-Driven Marketing

More Time to Focus on Sales

Your time can be better spent pursuing sales goals if you have someone else expand the reach and impact of your Facebook ad campaigns and handle all the administrative work involved in running successful Facebook ad campaigns.

Customer-Centric Service

Every Support Related to Facebook Ads Provided

As said, whether you want someone for management or planning or execution, we’ve got you covered. The reason we provide this support is to help you reach your desired results as early as possible.

Facebook Ads Services We Provide

Buyer Persona Research

Audience Research

To help you locate your target audience on Facebook, Facebook Audience Research is essential. These Insights compile information from all target audience groups and display it in a unified view that you can use to target your advertising.

Strategic SEO Planning

Comprehensive Facebook Ad Creation

We won’t let your campaign fizzle. Our team has been in the industry for over ten years. We know we can help you generate a positive return on investment from any campaign by tailoring our advertisements to your target demographic(s).

Well-Researched Content Writing

Designing Facebook Ad Campaigns

A good advertising campaign requires more than just the creation of ads; its development and administration must be constantly attended to. Using Dintellects, you’ll have an easier time wooing potential customers.

Content Marketing Strategy

Facebook Ads Performance Analysis

You will have access to comprehensive auditing, reports, and data from the best solutions with this service. With its support, you can keep tabs on how things are going and how the audience is reacting, among other things, and then present this information to clients as evidence of your capabilities.

Inbound Marketing

Campaign Optimization and A/B Split Testing

The success of any campaign is entirely dependent on attracting clients and providing them with an exceptional service experience. Facebook is no different. With this service, we will work with you to find the best possible setup for a relevant audience, from the initial segmentation to future updates and scheduling considerations.

White-label SEO Reporting

Ongoing Facebook Ad Campaign Management

Our team will monitor your campaigns daily, making adjustments as needed to ensure that your Facebook advertising campaigns are performing at their best. We will also provide monthly reports detailing the performance of your ads and make recommendations for improvements.

Benefits of Hiring Us

Here are some of the advantages for your team


You will not have to manage the day-to-day tasks and save your time for your other crucial tasks.


Knowing that the projects will be finished and delivered on schedule will free you up to concentrate on closing deals.


You can connect with the personal project manager at any time during business hours to take the status of your projects.


Dintellects will free you from the hassle of staffing and managing the costs of an in-house team.


Based out of India, we can provide you best talent at reasonable charges.


The quality of the work produced and delivered to you will be checked and audited by the Google-certified digital marketer.

Our Clients

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Here's What Some Satisfied Clients Have To Say

Sara Nay

COO, Duct Tape Marketing, USA
Sara Nay

Dintellects has been great to work with! They are incredibly responsive and helpful. We partner with Dintellects for our SEO needs and I recommend them to people I know often. We have worked with a number of SEO companies over the years and Dintellects has been the easiest to work with!

Govind Davis

CEO, Big M Marketing, USA
Govind Davis

It's difficult to find SEO provers offshore that have a full combination of true SEO skills, good communication, and business awareness needed to get SEO results. Dintellects has done a great job, not just as technical experts but also in their reliability and follow through.

Eduard Trica

CEO, Edspace Agency
Eduard Trica

They always delivered everything on time and replied with very much care to every question I had. The engagement led to an increase in organic and paid traffic. Dintellects Solutions Private Limited executed a smooth workflow through timeliness and responsiveness. They were detail-oriented, insightful, and communicative. Overall, their management and services were top notch.

Zack Hanebrink

Co Founder, Hooklead LLC, USA
Zack Hanebrink

They have a great team. Good strategies, execution, and results. I'd use them again in the future!

Tim Canada

VP, Tatvam Insights, USA
Tim Canada

We got in touch with Kshitij 6 months back and I'm really thankful to him and his team for providing us ample remedies and solutions to boost ROI.

Juliet Koubek

Owner, Marketa Media, USA

They really know what they are doing and are always available when I need them.

Alex Lupton

Account Manager, Webdolphin LTD, United Kingdom
Alex Lupton

I enjoyed working with the Dintellects team. Their precision and marketing experience was quite decisive during the project life cycle.

Meet Our Team

We are just an extension to your team

Kshitij Chaudhary

Kshitij Chaudhary

Founder & CEO

Drew Brandon

Drew Brandon

Content Quality Analyst (US Team)

Purva Bhargava

Purva Bhargava

Sr. Project Manager

Rohit Shrivastava

Rohit Shrivastava

Sr. Project Manager

Vinay Jain

Vinay Jain

Project Manager

White Label Facebook Ads Agency Based in India

You can think of Dintellects and their White Label Facebook Ads Services as an extension of your in-house team. We take great pride in being one of the most innovative Facebook ad agencies.

Our team has experience with a wide variety of social media channels, the first among them being Facebook. We do in-depth research on Facebook advertising trends to provide you with high-quality results that will match, and often surpass, the expectations of your clients. The secret behind this is our unique, tailor-made methodology, in which our team analyses and reviews your client(s) first to develop more effective campaigns.

The success you seek requires the careful development and application of a plan that is unique to your clients. That’s exactly where Dintellects can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does White Label Facebook Ads Management work, and what is it?

The white-label partner handles everything, and you can sell their services under your brand. The white-label Facebook ads platform allows for fully automated client onboarding and reporting.

What is the best way for me to provide you access to my client's advertising account?

Below are the steps that you can follow:

1. Go to Business Settings
2. Click People
3. Click Add
4. Enter the work email address of the person you want to add
5. Select the role you’d like to assign them; choose either Employee access or Admin
6. Click Next
7. Select the asset and the task access you want to assign the person
8. Click Invite

The person will get an invitation to join your Business Manager in their email inbox.

How long does it usually take the Dintellects team to build out and launch a campaign?

The Dintellects team has a lot of experience in building and launching successful campaigns. Depending on the type of campaign, we can usually have everything up and running within a few days. However, there are a few important things to keep in mind before launch, such as creative design, writing ad copy, and adding the right payment method to your ad account. If everything is ready to go, then we can launch your campaign almost right away!

Do I need to pay both setup and month one’s service fee together?

We don’t charge a setup fee separately. We only charge monthly fees.

Can I access the ad accounts while you are working on them?

Yes, without a doubt! We can provide you access to an ad account analyst. You can view ads and access reports.