What Is White Label SEO? The Ultimate SEO Reseller Toolkit

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What Is White Label SEO? The Ultimate SEO Reseller Toolkit

Apr 28, 2022
9 min read

If you are a digital marketing company, you are likely aware of the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is an essential marketing strategy that helps businesses attract organic search traffic to their digital sales channels. It’s a high-on-demand service as it provides great value for businesses by funneling customers and converting them into leads.

However, as important and beneficial SEO as a marketing strategy is, it’s a highly complicated one to execute and demands unique expertise and proficiency for desired results. Therefore, maintaining an in-house SEO service is not always viable nor effective functionally/financially.

White label SEO services are on the rise recently as a more feasible alternative to locally provided SEO solutions. It hosts a growing number of benefits and every day more companies are beginning to see its advantages. But what exactly is white label SEO? Let’s have a look.

What is White Label SEO?

Put simply, white label SEO means outsourcing your customers’ SEO requirements to an outside organization and then providing the services under your own brand name. All of the work will be done by the white label SEO partner but the credit will go to your company. If you don’t have in-house capabilities and resources to provide high-quality SEO services and your customers regularly ask for them, it may be a good time to shift to white label SEO and partner with a reliable white label marketing company like Dintellects.

As discussed above, SEO is a crucial marketing strategy and is indispensable for every digital business, regardless of its size and nature. If you are a marketing agency and SEO services aren’t featured in your scope of deliverables, you are missing out on a recurring, highly profitable business.

Instead of taking pains to build local infrastructure to provide in-house SEO services, you can acquire SEO customers and simply outsource their needs to an established white label SEO agency. This way you can tap into a lucrative marketing area, fulfill customer requirements, and increase brand awareness all at a minimal cost.

How Does White Label SEO Work?

Now that you have a basic idea of what white label SEO is, let’s explore how a white label SEO partnership works. How white label SEO services will be managed between you and the white label SEO agency you hire will largely depend on the type of services you require and the nature of the partnership you initiate with the agency.

If you want to solely white label the SEO services your customers require and not other business aspects pertaining to it, then you would handle all of the client communications and accounting work while your white labeling partner would deliver the SEO services. However, if you want to portray yourself as an SEO industry expert, it’s best to outsource SEO as well as communications and accounting to your white label marketing partner and let them interact with your customers on your behalf.

Your white label SEO partner can also provide you with sales support to help you acquire, nurture, and close leads. Sales content like product demos, case studies, and pitch decks can be rebranded with your company name, helping you market yourself as a qualified SEO agency.

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The Difference Between White Label SEO Partners and SEO Resellers

An SEO reseller program is similar to white label SEO services to a certain extent but there’s one vital difference between the two. An SEO reseller program is when your digital marketing agency simply buys SEO services as per the requirements of your customers from an SEO service provider and resells them to your customers under its brand name. In a reseller arrangement, the external SEO service provider will not manage customer relationships, accounting, and support aspects relating to the services they deliver.

In a reseller framework, all the front-end, customer-facing tasks must be managed locally by your agency, which may not be ideal as you might not have the subject matter expertise to best respond to customer queries and provide post-sales support. White labeling on the other hand is a more comprehensive partnership and the white label SEO partner will handle all the front-end and back-end aspects of your agency’s SEO offerings.

Benefits of White Label SEO

If you are a digital marketing agency not offering SEO services to your customers. owing to a lack of expertise, resources or any other reason, white labeling your customers’ SEO requirements can be highly beneficial for you in multiple ways. The most important benefit is that you don’t have to swallow the hard pill and say “no” to your customers. Other benefits of white label SEO include:

1. No overhead costs

Since you don’t have to manage an in-house team of SEO specialists, you will not incur those overhead costs. Furthermore, you will not have to invest in high-end tools and technologies since that will be taken care of by your white label SEO partner.

2. A new source of revenue

You can add a new source of revenue to your business without making hefty investments. Start acquiring SEO customers and white label their requirements to an SEO agency to earn valuable profits.

3. Constant growth

By outsourcing SEO work to your white label partner, you can focus on marketing and acquiring new business according to the available bandwidth of your white label agency and scale up your growth.

Expectations From the White Label SEO Agency

Convinced by the benefits of white label SEO and want to jump on the white labeling bandwagon? Before you do so, it’s important to know what to expect from your white label SEO partner. Here are the general yet essential expectations you should have from your white label SEO agency

1. Campaign roadmap

Once you have relayed your customer’s SEO requirements to the agency, they should provide you with a detailed roadmap of the SEO campaign they are going to execute for your customer, which should include the nature and extent of the campaign and the expected results. Furthermore, they should regularly provide you with the campaign’s performance updates.

2. On-site optimization

Your white label SEO partner should excel in on-site optimization and should be able to optimize your customer’s website for higher rankings in search engines.

3. Off-site optimization

Link building is an essential SEO strategy and your SEO partner should aid your customers in acquiring highly credible backlinks from reputable sources on the web.

4. Content creation

Content creation is a broad canopy and consists of written as well as visual and audible content. Your SEO agency should create high-quality, SEO-optimized content for your customer’s business to help it reach more users on the internet.

White Label SEO Pricing

Pricing models can vary according to the SEO agency you choose as your white label partner. The most common white label SEO pricing structures are as follows:

1. Monthly packages

2. Hourly packages (most common amongst freelancers and individual contractors)

3. Project-based packages (typically the most expensive SEO packages)

All of these packages are generally exclusive of setup and other administrative expenses which can vary for every project and customer. This is why custom pricing works best for both the outsourcing and the outsourced company. Your white label SEO partner will analyze the scope of your customer’s requirements and provide a quote with an all-inclusive custom price that will be easy for you to consider in comparison to the deliverables.

How to Choose a White Label SEO Agency

The most prominent qualities you should look for in a white label SEO agency are:

1. Transparency

Since your white label SEO partner will be delivering services to your customers under your brand name, they must communicate with you transparently about the execution, pricing, support, and other important aspects of the campaign.

2. Experience and expertise

It’s a no-brainer that your SEO partner must be experienced and have a high capacity in all things SEO. Your customers only know you and subpar quality work delivered by your SEO agency can be detrimental to your brand’s reputation.

3. High-bandwidth

After outsourcing the major SEO tasks to your SEO partner, you will be able to focus on marketing and expanding your business, and acquiring new customers. Your white label SEO partner must have high bandwidth to accommodate your ever-growing requirements.


White label SEO can help you deliver high, on-demand SEO support to your customers despite not having in-house capabilities and infrastructure yourself. For achieving the desired results with your white label SEO efforts and investment, partner with a preeminent white label marketing company like Dintellects. We at Dintellects have a dedicated team of SEO experts who are equipped with cutting-edge tools and technologies to help you deliver failsafe, future-proof, and result-oriented SEO solutions to your customers.

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