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What is White Label PPC?

Apr 28, 2022
8 min read

Pay per click (PPC) is a vital digital marketing component that offers lucrative results for the digital sales channels of a business boasting highly qualified leads and increased conversions. PPC is a targeted marketing method that uses SEO capabilities along with attractive ad copy to advertise a business above other search results on search engines like Google and Bing, allowing more prospects to discover the business and eventually convert into leads and customers.

As desirable and beneficial a marketing strategy as PPC may sound, it’s a tough nut to crack and demands rigorous planning, smart marketing acumen, and expensive tools and resources for successful execution. Most digital marketing companies lack the human and technological resources necessary to make their customers’ PPC campaigns a full-fledged success and to deliver high ROI and increased conversion rates.

If you are a digital marketing agency not currently offering PPC services or aren’t seeing the desired results from your existing PPC efforts, white label PPC is tailor-made for you. In this article, we will delve into what white label pay per click (PPC) is, its benefits, and the nuances of different white label PPC partnerships. Let’s start by answering in detail what white label PPC is.

What is White Label PPC?

White label PPC, or private label PPC, is about outsourcing your customers’ PPC requirements to an established PPC agency and delivering them to your customers under your brand name. You can leverage the expertise, experience and technological resources of a white label PPC agency to your customers’ PPC requirements with the assumption that you delivered them locally.

Pay per click is a high-on-demand marketing service and if you are a digital marketing agency with PPC services not featured in your offerings, you are missing out on some high-value business. Pay per click leverages search engine marketing by publishing ads consisting of headlines and descriptions about a business that appear above the usual search results.

PPC ads are SEO optimized and contain keywords and search terms that browsers input on search engines which enables their algorithms to determine which ads to promote to which browsers. This explains why PPC ads are so effective in targeting the right audience and hence generate qualified leads and high conversions. One thing to note here is that every time an ad is clicked on, the campaign is charged a particular fee by the search engine company.

And so, if a PPC campaign is producing clicks but not generating leads and converting visitors into customers, it’s running at a loss and eating up resources without delivering any results. To deliver effective and efficient results to your customers, working with a reputable white label PPC service provider like Dintellects is the way to go.

Why Choose White Label PPC For Brand Recognition?

A majority of internet users say they are typically able to find the specific information they are looking for on search engines through PPC ads. PPC ads are a great way to boost brand recognition and enable more users to discover and explore a brand on search engines. SEO services also leverage content marketing and keyword research to make a business appear higher on search rankings so PPC ads deliver tangible results much faster.

A well-rounded and regularly updated SEO campaign can take up to six months to fully boost a brand’s recognition and deliver fruitful results. However, an expertly executed PPC campaign can yield positive results almost instantly. The crucial factor in extracting high ROI from a PPC campaign is the strategy and research that goes behind creating ad content and targeting the right keywords.

This is why white label PPC services delivered by PPC industry experts like Dintellects are a great option for digital marketing agencies in helping their customers gain a rapid boost in brand recognition and generate high returns on their investment. Furthermore, as is the case with most marketing strategies, regular updates according to the latest trends are a necessity for consistent performance which is what a white label PPC agency can also deliver.

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Difference Between White Label PPC Partner And PPC Reseller

Although white label PPC and PPC reselling both involve outsourcing PPC requirements to an outside organization, there is a significant difference between the two. PPC reseller programs offer complete PPC campaign support only from creation through to management. The PPC services you buy as part of a reseller program can be resold to your customers in your brand name. However, you can’t expect your PPC partner to manage the front end aspects of your business on your behalf in a reseller agreement.

The external PPC organization you partner with in a reseller arrangement will only work on the technical aspects related to the campaign and not handle anything on the customers’ end. This means, customer acquisition, lead nurturing and engagement, conversions and post-sales support must all be executed by your agency in-house.

On the other hand, in a white label marketing partnership, the PPC agency will work as an extension of your organization and, along with delivering PPC services, will handle your agency’s front-end requirements. This means that your white label PPC partner will help you acquire customers, engage them through sales content rebranded on your agency’s name, close them on your behalf, and then and will manage their post-sales support needs.

Benefits Of White Label PPC Partnership

A white label PPC partnership is a more lucrative option over a PPC reseller program as, in a PPC partnership, an experienced PPC agency becomes directly associated with you and works under your banner to deliver top-class services to your customers.

1. You don’t need to invest significant time, effort, and resources in setting upA a dedicated PPC production system from scratch. In a white label PPC partnership, your PPC partner will manage everything on your behalf from customer acquisition and relationships management to delivering PPC services and post-sales support.

2. Furthermore, a PPC partnership is a more collaborative approach and you will always have a say in the technical as well as customer-related aspects of the project you outsource to your PPC partner. Such a collaborative framework allows you to keep your brand identity intact in customer interactions as well as the services and offerings delivered to customers.

3. Since you are not an expert in PPC, white labeling your customer requirements to a reliable PPC agency will enable you to tackle customer questions and provide them with strategic guidance throughout the campaign to diminish rates and maximize customer retention. Additionally, a white label PPC partnership is a mutually beneficial relationship and both parties involved earn valuable profits while saving on costs.


Partnering with an industry-leading PPC service provider and white labeling your customers’ PPC requirements can help you tap into highly profitable business lines without risking substantial investments. If you are ready for white label PPC services and are looking for a highly experienced white label PPC agency, start a conversation with Dintellects. Dintellects is a preeminent white label marketing services provider, offering results-driven PPC solutions in a transparent, consistent, and collaborative manner. If you want to know more about how you can white-label your customers’ needs to our company, reach out to us now.

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