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White Label Digital Marketing Agency: What You Need To Know

Jun 1, 2020
8 min read

The White Label services are the cornerstone of the digital marketing space. Given their anonymity, they work behind the scenes but they are the ones turning the wheels for much of the industry. Thanks to this sector, thousands of products and services are being produced every day with expert knowledge despite finally ending up under somebody else’s brand and name. 

This service exists to satisfy the digital marketing needs demanded by clients which can be pretty comprehensive. To produce them, you need diverse personnel such as copywriters, social media experts, search engine optimization gurus, content creation strategists, and online marketing services experts. The hiring costs of all this may be unaffordable for a small agency.                                          

So sometimes agencies struggle to fulfill clients’ needs. Even a well-rounded agency may struggle to find enough time to fill a client’s orders, especially if their hands are already full. In this case, it is preferable to hire an outside agency.

How does white digital marketing work?

To understand exactly how a White digital marketing agency works, it’s best to look at an example. Let’s imagine a white label scenario with three companies, Company A, Company B, and Company C. This scenario usually applies to SaaS models and with payments made as a monthly subscription

  1. Company A  sells white label digital software to Company B
  2. Company B, which is an agency, then adds its logo and brand to the software and then  resells to Company C 

Another scenario is possible as follows

  1. Company A sells white digital services to company B
  2. Company B adds its own logo and brands the services as its own before selling to Company C. 

Company C, the final purchaser of the product, can either be another business or the end-user. 

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What to look for in a white label digital marketing agency

You don’t want to take the first white label digital marketing agency you bump into! So watch out for the following signs to find a good white label provider. 

Transparency: is the digital marketing agency sufficient with details about its service? A good agency should be more than ready to share with you about how they would implement your program. 

What is their track record and reputation? : Check whether your white label partner has a good standing in the industry. Industry reviews can be found to tell you how well regarded the white label partner is. Agencies that are too recent or have no track record are difficult to gauge so it is best to avoid them. 

Does their service or product fit well with your business? : It’s always a good idea to ensure that you mesh well when it comes to what your white label agency produces. You also need to look at if your business vision and goals align together. This is important for the viability of a long term relationship. 

What is the experience level? : You don’t want to end up with a novice for your partner agency. White label services or products can involve a lot of specialty or knowledge to produce. This goes beyond merely adding your logo and brand to them.  

They provide proof of performance reporting: An agency that is worth considering should share with you proof- of – performance for customers. This usually comes in the form of reporting and analytics. It’s one of the best ways to convince your own customers about whether the product will be suitable for them. Otherwise, your customers will find little reason to stay with you. 

You can test drive their product or service: Test driving gives a good feel about how the product or service will work for your customers.

They are upfront with contract terms: How transparent is the agency concerning their terms and conditions? Before you sign up with them, look at how detailed and clear the agency’s terms are. Their openness with these can give you a good idea of how your relationship will be going forward. You should ask questions to clarify anything that is not clear before you commit to the contract. For example, the terms should very clearly set out the minimum lock-in period. 

Availability of service and support: You can also tell a good agency from the quality of support they give you. How quick are they in responding to you when you have issues? Timely response and communication is key to your strategic relationship with your agency. A great and detailed training process is also a good sign of a good partner. So is the amount of resources they are willing to put to help you grow and learn. You are in good hands if the agency is eager for you to start selling soon.

Why Opt for a white label digital marketing agency

There are countless ways you can benefit from using white label digital marketing services. 

You can sell additional products: 

You don’t have to limit yourself to just one or a few products from your white label service provider. You can acquire virtually any amount of white label products, provided there is the capacity of your agency. Each product can  give you new income streams provided that you can sell them at a markup 

Makes your agency easily scalable

By engaging a white label digital marketing agency, you are reduced to just billing your client. Any problems relating to the clients are ably handled by your white label partner. Meanwhile, you can go through an onboarding process that will enable you to scale easily and fast. 

Helps you build your own brand

With your hands-free to focus on your areas, it’s easier for you to provide a broader range of services. This can help you to expand and build a reputation and brand. You can easily solidify your brand because you can resell your white label products under your own name. 

You enjoy dedicated service from experts and professionals

If you don’t have the knowledge yourself, you don’t have to make mistakes when others can do the job better. This is as sensible as avoiding to reinvent the wheel. 

Small businesses can get equal room to compete with bigger businesses

Given the option for small businesses to outsource work that they cannot do inhouse, they are able to take the same big clients as bigger businesses. This enables them to compete at almost even terms with their bigger competitors.


It’s extremely important to make the right choice when it comes to a white label digital marketing agency. If you get this part right, then the possibilities for your enterprise are endless. You can 

Grow your company:  Scaling up your business is much faster because you are not held back by your inability to offer all the products or services. You also avoid the high learning curve that comes with being a new producer. 

Generate more revenue: with the expansion of your product offerings comes more revenue and profits. Growing the bottom line of your business helps you to meet your business goals. You also save plenty by not coming up with your own 

Take care of all the headaches: By letting someone else deal with some of your workloads, your business can operate seamlessly and efficiently.  Deadlines are always met and you are able to deliver on time to your clients. 

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Kshitij Chaudhary