Most Effective Inbound Marketing Strategies for Financial Services

Financial services need a smart digital marketing strategy. Inbound marketing is a great way to attract and retain customers in our digital age; leading to personalization, engagement, and a chance to gain powerful insights. Connect with us to realize why e-mail and other digital methods of marketing cannot be ignored.

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Why Do Financial Firms Need Digital Strategies?

There’s no doubt that the digital domain is a disruptor. This brave new world calls for expertise and innovation.

Every single industry is being revolutionized by online services. Especially lenders, share brokers, investment advisors, financial planners, and others in the finance sector.

With cheap and easy access to the Internet for consumers, the finance industry has to navigate new means of reaching out, to create and maintain consumer relationships.

Those who can do this successfully can ride the next wave to success.

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There are so many ways in which digital outreach is convenient and effective for financial services.

This could be in modes of online payment, virtual banking, seeking information, building a relationship, and more. Consumers are increasingly moving towards such digital experiences and products.

Studies show that consumers feel companies that have a strong and interactive presence online are the ones that can be trusted. These are companies with whom it is easy to do business.

With increasing competition, changing consumer behavior and attitudes should be understood and leveraged. This also helps when tapping into active and passive buyers.

Active buyers can be reached through Google search, utilizing their search ads and SEO strategies. Passive buyers can be educated to start trading and investing via blogs, social media, and email campaigns, etc.

This is why a proper digital marketing strategy is essential for financial sector companies to stay ahead. This is so they can reach consumers more conveniently and effectively. And stay in touch across wider geographies, too.

How the Financial Sector is Leveraging the Move to Digital

Many finance companies are already riding the wave.

Some take traditional offerings and use the online environment to simplify processes and products.

Others introduce new business and IT capabilities that then become the strategic foundation for a new, competitive business model.

Through blogs, for example, finance companies can establish themselves as thought leaders. This builds trust.

Then, data-driven marketing can tailor content to individual needs, leading to higher conversion.

Social media and responses to comments can also help to demystify finance-speak, and get leads.
These are just a few tips. Read on for many more.

Some Tried and Tested Digital Strategies

How does one begin to use digital to make a difference? Here are some tried-and-tested strategies for success.

Mobile-friendly Websites

In many countries now, there are more owners of smartphones than personal computers. And mobile searches are exceeding desktop searches by a large margin.

Google, nowadays, also considers the mobile version of a website in its rankings, so it is essential for your visibility.

Finance services companies must ensure their sites are optimized for mobile phones.

It improves user engagement and experience, and with a higher conversion rate, there are bound to be more leads, enquiries and a higher conversion rate.

E-mail Newsletters

E-mails are a powerful source of personal and business communication. Consumers check their inboxes at least once if not many times a day.

An e-mail newsletter is thus a perfect way of educating them about the latest market trends, financial investment tips, trading tips, and more.

After this step, you can even convert a potential buyer into a customer with relevant content depending on the buyer’s journey stage.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a must to facilitate seamless customer activation, followed by regular engagement. This is also a tactic that is tailor-made for the digital world.

With unified consumer profiling and overviews, you can get a deeper understanding of consumer finance expectations.

Software packages like HubSpot for content management and web analytics, and Pardot, to help get leads and drive conversions, are important in this field.

This is a simple yet effective example of how companies are gaining from online technologies.

Retail Banking that’s Customer-focused

With many share traders/brokers, investment advisers, and financial planners, the starting point is actually about themselves and how to sell more products and services to the consumers, and how to grow.

However, if you turn this process around and put the consumer and his or her needs first, the stress falls on speedy service, simple processes, and streamlined experiences.

This focus on the consumer can only benefit the organization by increasing satisfaction and retention rates.

Nurture Your Audience

It’s often been said that schools should include financial literacy as a subject. It’s an area in which many consumers need knowledge.
The more they know, the more they will engage, and the more you can gain.

Any financial institution that does this in a systematic and ongoing manner will win over the consumers’ trust.

It will be seen as an organization that cares, and not one that is only about business at all costs. This, of course, will lead to a higher conversion rate.

Use Social Media to Increase Engagement

Social media, nowadays, is a powerful tool for influencing consumers, and for building trust and increasing engagement.

Consumers are spending more and more time on a variety of social media sites for a wide range of needs, among them education and entertainment.

For finance companies, telling relevant stories, providing interactive content, explaining the jargon, and responding to comments and reviews are just some of the ways to take advantage of this trend.

Through this process, they can create two-way social media bonds that impress and retain customers.

Optimize Online Payments

For its sheer convenience, many consumers have begun to prefer the method of online payments. After all, it saves quite a bit of effort and time and also does not depend on fixed working hours.

It’s therefore necessary for a financial company going digital to adopt online payments, too. Such a mechanism should ideally be scalable and flexible, with end-to-end and fail-safe solutions.

Use of Mobile Applications

As mentioned earlier, Smartphone penetration and usage are rising dramatically among all types of consumers.

Financial institutions can leverage this by introducing handy and helpful apps. Such apps are a great help to the consumer when it comes to checking updates, completing transactions or searching for further services.

Care should be taken to make these apps lightweight and fully functional, without too much data usage at the consumer’s end. Operational costs can be reduced, and information can be seamlessly transmitted.

Pay-per-click Marketing

Another online strategy that is important for finance companies in generating leads and gaining business is the use of pay-per-click ads.

Typically, this generates immediate exposure and results. You can create separate ads for separate products, use different geographies, test different versions, and then use search engine analytics to track results and measure ROI.

This makes it an efficient and adaptive way to create buzz.

How Dintellects Uses Digital Marketing to Create Results

At Dintellects, we have extensive experience in working with financial sector companies.

We understand their needs, processes, and goals, and work with them to seamlessly integrate their services and offerings into an online environment.

When it comes to inbound marketing, our team of content writers is skilled and experienced in finance-related issues. Which means consumer engagement, creation, and retention are tasks that come first and foremost.

We work with leading finance companies to create optimal solutions in the digital space for the marketing of financial services.

We restyle their services to innovate and create customer delight, with results that have provided satisfaction leading to repeat business.

Because of such specialization in digital marketing strategies for the financial sector, we have carried out in-depth research in the industry. This research has yielded insights into many innovative marketing programs.

Customer feedback, understanding and responsiveness are important parameters in our operations.

Get in touch today to discover the many ways in which Dintellects can bring fresh perspectives and vision when it comes to the digital marketing of financial services.

For financial sector companies, it’s a transformation that’s essential.

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