BRANDING: A Significant SEO Strategy to Improve SERP Ranking

by | Oct 9, 2018


Big businesses take a lot of time to establish and they aren’t successful unless these businesses turn into brands.

Branding is all about creating a unique identity and image of product or service in the customer’s mind through various marketing tools so that the seller is not only attracting its future prospects but also retains the loyalty of its current customers.

One such example is the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) with business across the UK, USA and New Zealand.

Australians believe in CBA much more than any other bank in Australia making it the largest Australian Bank. This is the power of Branding.

Success in business is all about branding and business should focus on branding more than anything else. The impetus, power, or energy behind every growth-oriented and success oriented organization is Branding.

In the cutthroat competition that exists today in the business world, finding the top spot even in Google’s SERP is a herculean task.

branding for seo

What comes as a surprise for the smaller businesses is that they cannot find themselves in the top-notch list of the SERP of either Google or Bing.

Google and other search Engine’s like Bing, prefer only popular brands over lesser-known products or services to enhance the user experience, and keep the users updated with information.

It is for this reason that when a user types ‘Fingerprint Scanner’ in the Google’s search bar, he or she is more likely to find links for sites like, core electronics, etc.

DHgate is a Beijing headquartered business to business e-Commerce Company, with operations worldwide including in Australia, USA, and UAE.

Core electronics and edsales are retailers for electronics in Australia. All three of them are leaders in the industry and hence they find top spots in SERPs.

‘Branding’ along with some other reasons, have made it mandatory that the SEO strategy revolves around fabricating vibrant powerful brands so that the brand is not only known and liked globally but also brings you business.

Branding improves ranking, and these improved SERP ranking will produce leads and those leads will later convert into sales.

Nielsen, a US-based survey conducting company declared in 2013 that around sixty per cent of the customers worldwide buys products from a familiar brand rather than an unknown brand.

People and organizations, who wish to establish their new brand need to understand the taste of its target audience before they launch a new product because only then they will be able to penetrate the market and establish a brand.

It is also to be noted that branding improves SERP ranking. Henceforth if your website ranks first, second or even third in the search results than also there are high chances of increase in CTR, such as the value of Branding.

Australia is the home to world leaders of banking, FMCG, Retail and telecommunication industry. Brands like Vodafone Hutchison, Telstra, and TPG Telecom are some of the many market players of the telecommunications industry.

However, Vodafone is the leader of the Australian Telecommunication industry. So, when a user writes ‘top 10 telecom companies in Australia 2018’ in Google’s search bar, it lists Vodafone as the number one company and comes up with the following image.

branding helps search engine rankings

It, therefore, clears the fact that Brand power and Google’s SERPs results go hand in hand. Better the branding higher is the SERP ranking.

The auto-suggest feature of the Google, and host of other technical reasons made the top brands lead the SERP game while lesser known brands were lagged behind. You can even see the brand’s suggestion before you finish typing.

Search Engines influence the user behaviour and don’t let you click on pages you are actually looking for, but it may force you to click some other page.

Search Engine can also force you to a direct website link of a brand. This vibrant feature of Google is so useful that everybody wants to be a part of it if he or she desires to be listed on the top.

Neil Patel has become a brand of its own, over these years. If you write ‘Top internet marketers 2018’, you will find Neil Patel’s name in the 3rd spot, along with other famous names like Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki etc. This shows that Google favours Brands.

top 10 internet marketers in 2018



Content writing is one of the most critical aspects of achieving Brand recognition. A person, whether a digital market expert or novice can achieve long-term SEO goals only with five Star content on the website.

Remember, Content is the king and the key to brand recognition. SEO has become complex and more competitive over the years and only a skilled and experienced SEO agent can help others top the SERPs.

Proper Content writing coupled with a strong SEO strategy helps develops visibility of the website and at the same time generates acceptance and trust among the target audience. Stellar Content is the need of the hour so that the website finds top space in the SERP results.

The content will attract eyeballs globally across the industry. The content should be written in such a fashion that the target audience will not only love it but it generates a lot of business.



Brand building is an arduous, strenuous and back-breaking process that requires a lot of smart work and dedication. One has to go through market research and planning, before building a brand. There are some important points to be taken care of if you want your brand to succeed in the online world.

1.‘Dont Judge a book by its cover’ 

It is an important saying but the reverse happens and people judge a book by its cover. The graphics, images, aesthetic designs and exceptional user experience should be able to keep the user scrolling. Some of the best practices to attract the user’s eyeballs are as follows.

don't judge a book by it's cover

  • Design an eye-catching logo, which will act as the brand’s official visual identity. It should be expressive and should portray the brand positively. The logo should be able to express the values, vision, and mission of the company.Focus on user-friendly experience.Create Accelerated Mobile Pages, so that the website can be accessed via mobile. 2. The focus should now shift to its content and SEOSome essential tips to be remembered while writing content are as follows:Eye-catching, comprehensible and lucid language to attract the target audience.Content should be able to connect with the target audience.The content writer can express the content in the form of a story, with the sole objective of creating an army of loyal customers.Website’s content should be able to clear doubts of its audience while improving the audience’s knowledge.Content should be optimized in such a fashion, that it comes in the top of SERP.3. Content writing should go hand in hand with the SEOThe content writer should select his own niche, find relevant keywords and use instructive and communicative content with an eccentric tone so the target audience will be able to connect to your content.The objective should be creating a differentiated brand with a universal audience.4. Content Diversification Using Multiple Content typesContent Diversification is about making the content available to the audience in multiple formats making it acceptable to various types of audience. Various content types can be used to attract the target audience like promotional videos, live sessions, informative videos etc.5. Social Media MarketingSocial Media is the buzz word in today’s world and one of the best ways to market your product or your service. Social media has the power to spread your word to every nook and corner of the world. With billions of people active on various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc, social media marketing, along with your optimized website and eye-catching content will only steer the traffic to your website.
  • social media icons

The following points should be kept in mind while marketing through social media.

Use only Social Media (SM) platform which can reach your audiences.
Unique Logo and various brand visuals are to be used for various platforms to create a brand image.
One should be active on social media on a regular basis.
Encouraging the user to share and like various posts.
Using various SM tools including paid tools to market on the social media and reach the target audience.

Branding is something unique associated with an organization that differentiates it from others. This something unique can be a symbol, a name, a design, a process, a feature, a custom or even a unique taste (in case of food and restaurant industry like McDonalds Burger etc) Branding coupled with adequately planned inclusive content strategy and SEO optimization can improve the website’s online visibility and place the organization’s website on the top in the world’s online map.

This strategy will play an active role in establishing a differentiated and significant market for the organization, and at the same time retaining customer’s loyalty and attracting new customer for the organization. This strategy connects with target customers and helps increase awareness, improves goodwill and finally brings in lots of business.


Amber Gurjar
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