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What is White Label Graphic Design?

Apr 28, 2022
8 min read

Graphic design is an essential marketing aspect, the depiction of promotional and informational messages to customers in a visually appealing and attention-grabbing manner. The human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text and audio which explains why graphic design is such an impactful marketing strategy and one that attracts customers’ attention in a snap.

The demand for high-quality, strategic, and innovative graphic design services is ever-increasing as businesses look to create a lasting impression in customers’ minds and make marketing content more interactive and engaging. Graphic design is a booming industry with its overall value calculated to be $45.8 billion in 2021.

A constant upward curve in the graphic design industry’s growth is predicted for years to come which means it’s a future-proof strategy; all the more reason for businesses to invest in it.

If you are a digital marketing company and don’t have in-house capabilities and resources to deliver graphic design services, you are missing out on lucrative business opportunities.. So what are your options? Developing and setting up in-house resources from scratch for providing graphic design services is out of the question because of the high costs and efforts in the setup phase.

This is where white label graphic design comes in handy. In this article, we will discuss what white label graphic design is and why digital marketing agencies like yours should choose to resell white label graphic design services.

What is White Label Graphic Design?

White label graphic design means outsourcing your customers’ graphic design projects to an outside agency that specializes in graphic design services and offering the final product to customers under your brand’s label.

Basically, a white label graphic design agency will deliver products and services with a white label where you can put your brand’s logo, increasing your clients’ appreciation for your services.

Graphic design services are high-in-demand due to the visual appeal attractive promotional and informational graphics have on customers. 68% of digital marketers leverage visual assets in content creation. Furthermore, 80% of digital marketers use graphic design in social media marketing.

These stats show that if you are a digital marketing agency, you likely have multiple existing customers and will have many new customers needing graphic design services.

If you don’t want to say “no” to high-paying graphic design customers but lack the necessary in-house graphic design capabilities, turn to white label graphic design. White labeling graphic design services to a well-established graphic design agency like Dintellects will allow you to scale your offerings cost-effectively and tap into that extra stream of revenue.

Why Resell Graphic Design Services?

Reselling graphic design services is a smart choice for digital marketing agencies that want to profit from the graphic design market but aren’t willing or capable to develop a local graphic design production setup. You might choose to resell graphic design services for the following reasons:

1. High demand

As mentioned earlier, graphic design is a high-in-demand service. The graphic design market in the US crossed the $10 billion mark by the end of 2021 and is slated to grow to $11.4 billion in 2022. There is great potential for growth in the graphic design market. If you want to ride this boom in the graphic design landscape without risking precious resources, reselling graphic design services is the way to go.

2. Meet every business’s primary needs

Every business requires a logo, business cards, and other graphic design-related products and services. By reselling these foundational services to customers, you can increase your brand’s awareness and become their first choice for other more advanced and expensive graphic design requirements like visual marketing collateral.

3. Build strong and lasting client relationships

By supplementing your existing service suite with graphic design services, you can provide additional support to your customers and help them excel in their marketing endeavors. You don’t have to turn down customer requests which will strengthen your relationship with customers and increase retention rates.

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When To Choose A White Label Graphic Design Agency

Confused about when should you consider white labeling your graphic design requirements? Here are some scenarios in which you should look to a white label partner with a white label graphic design agency.

1. Your customers require graphic design support

If you are a digital marketing company specializing in content marketing, there will come a point when your customers will ask for visual content and graphics support to widen the scope of their content marketing campaigns. Instead of building graphic design production resources from scratch, you can outsource your customer requirements to a specialized graphic design company.

2. Past graphic design projects were unsatisfactory

If you do provide in-house graphic design services but, due to a lack of expertise or high-end tools, your customers aren’t satisfied with your services, it’s a sign that you should connect with an experienced and industry-leading white label graphic design agency.

3. You are a start-up

If you have just started out in the market and are low on resources to hire and manage a dedicated team of graphic designers, contracting with a white label graphic design agency will help you grow steadily without putting in substantial investments.

Top Graphic Design Services To Resell

Graphic design encompasses a wide variety of services that you can choose from to resell to your customers. Some of the most popular and essential graphic design services that you should white label for your customers include the following:

1. White label logo design – A brand is recognized by its logo. It’s the first thing that customers notice in a brand. Good logos with the right colors, shapes, and patterns attract customers and make the brand memorable. Logos define the brand’s unique identity and style. Help your customers stand out from the crowd by reselling impactful brand logos.

2. White label business card design – Business cards provide all the information about a business in a well-organized and creative manner. Attractively designed business cards that capture the brand’s voice and style can be useful in creating greater brand awareness. Partner with a specialized graphic design agency and resell strategically crafted and aesthetically pleasing business card designs to your customers.

3. White label ad design – Visually appealing digital ads with colorful graphics are more likely to attract customers than textual ads. Ad graphics allow a brand to deliver promotional messages succinctly yet memorably. Make your customers’ marketing efforts pay off by reselling expertly crafted ad graphics.

4. White label corporate design bundle – If any of your customers are starting a new business or want to revamp their existing corporate identity, they will require a range of graphic design services including logo design, business card design, letterhead, and envelope design, etc. To provide these services, you can work with a white label graphic design agency and resell an entire corporate design bundle to your customer.

5. White label business essentials bundle – You can resell essential services to your customers along with graphic design to prevent them from going to your competitors. Some prominent services that you can white-label to help your client’s business flourish are listing support, reputation management, and web hosting and design services.


White label graphic design can be highly rewarding if you partner with a full-service white label graphic design service provider like Dintellects. Dintellects offers all-around support from design conception and creation to revisions and post-sales support. We have worked with big-name digital marketing agencies and know how important trust and transparency are in a white label partnership. If you choose us as your white label partner, rest assured that we will deliver the best results to your customers in a collaborative and transparent manner.

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