Covid-19 Coronavirus: Inbound marketing To The Rescue of Your Business

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Covid-19 Coronavirus :Inbound Marketing to The Rescue of Your Business

Mar 31, 2020
6 min read

These are panicky moments. The Covid-19 Coronavirus has reared its ugly head out of the blue and business has been hit hard. Across more than five continents, people are scrambling to save their businesses and even lives.  How bad is it and how can you use the inbound marketing strategy to overcome this?

Impact on business: According to investor Business Insider Daily, 3.000 more points were wiped out from the Dow Jones by March 16, 2020. Morgan Stanley forecasts that the US economy would suffer a 30 percent contraction in its economic performance. Many businesses are shutting down to wait for the storm to pass. Trump is warning of a recession in America amid looming lockdowns in the future.

Pandemic Trends: The outlook for the pandemic in the coming months is also looking grim. The World Health Organization (WHO) says its risk assessment for the world remains very high. As of March 30, 2020, there were 746,066 covid-19 coronaviruses confirmed cases with 35,347 deaths worldwide.

Inbound Marketing Holds Hope: As an online business owner, you don’t have to bow to the tide of despair. Inbound marketing is the ace card that is perfectly tuned for the times. You can harness inbound marketing and secure momentum for your business even in these trying times.


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Also, the internet is a great way to bypass many challenges posed by covid-19 coronavirus. Lockdowns mean you can still reach your audience in their homes with the internet. This makes Inbound marketing the perfect way to maintain links with your prospects today.



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Why You need an inbound marketing strategy now


Effects on Budgets: In a recession like the one spooking the world due to covid-19 coronavirus, businesses typically slash down on their spending. Advertising budgets are usually affected. This can be tough for a business especially if they are competing with others with ample advertising resources to spare.

However, inbound marketing is incredibly cheap and can help you stay in the game. With its impressive ROI rates, you can achieve high results and maximum efficiency.

Converts Better: Inbound marketing gives you quality leads that convert better and boost your sales. This minimizes wastage of dollars which is attractive in such challenging times.


Inbound marketing your best bet over traditional marketing


  • Traditional marketing Less Welcome: These are anxious moments for many people dealing with the covid -19 coronavirus pandemic. So people want even less hassle from noisy and irksome marketing overtures. Traditional marketing with its interruptive, abrasive style is obviously something people want less of at this time.
  • Inbound marketing is Less Intrusive: You can do better than your competitors with inbound marketing. it uses a softer, smarter approach with its focus on content creation and educating your prospects. Inbound marketing targets prospects who are already likely to buy from you. So it skips the need to use highly aggressive methods of persuasion.
  • The longevity of Results: Unfortunately, outbound marketing will give you only a brief spurt of success. Inbound marketing can give you more permanent results than traditional marketing. And isn’t that what you need more now to overcome the tough covid-19 coronavirus times?
  • Changed Consumer Behavior: Traditional marketing had its great days when the internet was not yet mainstream. The internet, however, has given customers greater control over their buying choices. Inbound marketing is perfectly aligned with the internet channel. So you will be adapting your business better in changing consumer behavior.
  • Customer Focus: Inbound marketing also helps your business create a more customer-centered approach. Traditional marketing tends to put more focus on the company’s needs than those of the customers.


Why a digital marketing agency is better than your in-house option


By hiring a digital marketing agency like us, you are tapping into top-notch expertise. To beat the hard financial times, you can save money this way. How can you achieve this with us?

  • Staff expense: With the in-house option, you will have to retain staff. These include a team consisting of marketers, developers, designers, and content writers. This will incur you expenses such as employee benefits, yearly bonus, vacation, additional office space, and utilities. What is worse, these expenses can escalate over time, given employee seniority levels. With an external agency, you avoid this and pay only what you have to.
  • Cutting edge technology: You also get access to an awesome set of technologies and software that can reap you tons in savings. These tools can be costly when you purchase them yourself. However, we can bring these costs down dramatically by spreading the cost over many clients.
  • Time: With a digital marketing agency, you are also saving time. We take care of your inbound marketing program and save you time for other tasks in your business. This can translate into great cost-efficiency overall.
  • Scalability: Working with a marketing agency also eases your scalability decisions. Want to ramp up your inbound marketing budget due to improved revenues? You can easily do this without resorting to a full-time staff employee.



In such times, inbound marketing is clearly the smarter way for your business to counter the economic slowdown. Cash reserves are growing leaner. So you don’t want to throw it all over to get random leads.

The inbound strategy will win you incredible inbound leads for better web traffic, sales, lead generation, and customer loyalty. This strategy is designed to help people solve their problems instead of interrupting their lives. You can leverage our vast experience and all-round knowledge to generate quick and efficient results through it.

To execute your inbound marketing goals, you can benefit from our great team of content writers, developers, designers, and marketers.

We will implement strategies for inbound leads such as email marketing, lead generation, content creation, website optimization, and social media marketing.

Whether you are a B2B or B2C business, you can capitalize on our steady hand to take you through the storms. Our proven success in delivering innovative solutions will also benefit startups.

You can get in touch with us for a robust inbound marketing strategy. We will come up with an ideal program customized for your business.

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Kshitij Chaudhary