How SEO Can Be Leveraged by an Organization?

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How SEO Can Be Leveraged by an Organization?

Jun 14, 2019
4 min read

Right now, millions of people are searching for content similar to yours. They are looking for services matching yours and you can help this audience find the right content with SEO.

HubSpot says that 80% of the traffic on your website begins on the search engine. The user inputs a search query, which leads them to you.

On any particular day, Google observes more than 3.5 million searches. And that is just We are not even considering other search engines.

Just a bit of practice, mindfulness, staying updated with trends, and right SEO strategies can give you more conversions, more website traffic, and eventually, higher ROI.

Think about it, when was the last time you actually loaded the second page when using Google search? Research says that 75% of the audience don’t look past the first page of the search engine. If you are not in these entries, you are missing out on most of your online audience.

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Let’s see the benefits of SEO for businesses and why you need to up-step your SEO game now.


User-Friendly Pages


SEO for a user-friendly website is more than just search engine ranking.

Today, it is about user experience too. Everything from how easily users can traverse your website to mobile friendliness, matters. It includes:

  • How easily your users can use the mobile site or mobile app?
  • How quickly your pages load?
  • How uncluttered, clean your website is?
  • How smoothly your website can function?

You can’t ignore the load time, content, and overall optimization of your website. These small things matter and contribute to the overall user experience of your website.


Additional Audience


One of the many reasons for having an online presence is because you want to increase your customer base.

SEO gets you to the top of the search engine, which automatically improves your online presence. You get more visits and eventually, more customers. Nothing compares to SEO. Search engines are the tool of the era.

You have a doubt, you Google it.

You want to learn about a topic, you search for it.

You want to make dinner, you search for recipes.

Of course, this medium has a huge potential in terms of attracting a targeted, relevant audience.


Increased Visits (For Small Businesses)


Small businesses need an audience more than any other business. They get this audience mostly from mouth-to-mouth marketing or low-budget digital marketing.

SEO plays a crucial role in this strategy. With SEO, small businesses can target a very specific area of customers, which helps them to increase revenue rapidly.


 Enhanced Conversion


As already discussed, SEO involves a lot of things-

  • Optimized landing pages. Attractive graphics
  • Relevant content
  • Appealing infographics. Valuable blog posts
  • Internal SEO linking
  • Good domain authority
  • Smooth functioning. Easy-to-traverse website. Mobile-friendly working. Intuitive GUI
  • Uncluttered structuring of pages
  • Short page load time

When your website is optimized for all these things, there is no way they won’t lead to conversions.


 Better Brand Awareness


When you are visible on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages), customers start trusting in your brand. You become their first choice.

Over time, if you are successful in resolving user queries, you make several loyal customers who vouch for your brand. You can use SEO to build brand awareness, improve trust profile, and increase the value of your business.


 Improved Inbound Marketing


If your SEO is not right, you can’t have a good inbound marketing strategy.

This strategy requires you to attract customers, engage them, and delight them. All this is achieved through trust and credibility, which is hard to acquire when your website is not optimized.



A strategy that earned you higher customer conversions five years back may not work at all today. Hence, you need to ensure that your website is optimized according to current needs and trends. If you are able to accomplish that, you can use SEO to increase conversion rate.

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Kshitij Chaudhary