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Grow Your Agency with SEO Reseller Services

Jul 9, 2021
13 min read

There are almost 13.74k agencies in the US, offering marketing services, PR, outdoor advertising, and other similar packages. With this cut-throat competition, people who are just setting up new agencies are burdened with greater challenges. Smaller agencies often lack sufficient knowledge and expertise on the marketing services being provided. Without the desired output, employees are forced to work twice the hours that they had been doing initially.

All of these factors result in downsizing these agency overheads and losing out on business. Naturally, a lot more people quit their 9 to 5 jobs from these marketing agencies, looking for something more worthwhile. As agency owners, this adds to your agony, falling short of meeting client expectations.

This complex scenario has given birth to reseller services, specifically in the field of marketing efforts. Agency owners can be benefitted from partnering with third-party providers offering SEO reseller services or even content marketing packages.

With a small fee required to buy specific marketing services, small agencies can save up on overhead costs and delight their clients with exceptional work with their own branding on reports and datasheets.

But how does this SEO reseller concept function in a real-life scenario? Let’s find out.

What is an SEO Reseller model?

An SEO reseller is nothing but a digital agency that specializes in SEO and sells the service on a white-label basis for a nominal fee. These SEO resellers will work in the background and deliver better results as compared to the output provided by small-scale agencies.

The best part about this approach? The services being very specific, are much cheaper than having an in-house SEO team or opting for a comprehensive monthly marketing package. Even better, with this model, you get to present your reports and other work with your own agency’s branding.

Smaller agencies with little expertise and limited resources can take advantage of SEO reseller packages on a large scale. They can benefit from industry experts offering exceptional SEO services from third-party providers without having to pay a huge fee amount.

The Biggest Benefits of Outsourcing SEO

Agency owners can largely benefit from utilizing SEO services from third-party resellers. It’s an incredible way to scale profits and help their firms to grow. There are quite some benefits of becoming an SEO reseller. Let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Saves Costs of Setting up a Team

With SEO reseller services, companies are benefited from saving loads of time and effort. Going the conventional route, companies choose to set up an all-new department hiring and managing vetted SEO experts, working within an office space.

However, setting up a new team is not that easy. You have to go all out and recruit experienced personnel who are proficient in executing SEO campaigns. In most scenarios, it adds to the agency payroll. As a result, it piles up on expenses restricting you from investing in marketing your existing services.

On the contrary, becoming an SEO reseller, you can skip on the woes of setting up and maintaining a team. The things that you need to do in such scenarios are to market the services as something of your own and retain your profits in the middle. Hence, outsourcing can prove to be a great method to save both time and money.

2. Provides a New Service Offering

Let’s take up a hypothetical situation. Let’s assume that you are the owner of an upcoming design agency. More or less, your clients are pretty much satisfied with your offered services and creative skills. But now your clients are asking for SEO services to be added to your portfolio.

Unfortunately, your employees aren’t much equipped with search engine optimization. But, as a growing enterprise, your aim is to consolidate the position of your agency instead of setting up a new team from scratch. In such a scenario, what can be your best bet? Yes, you guessed it right. You can join hands with a white label SEO reseller program!

The upside? This leverages you to add a new service offering to your company portfolio, without having to incur any costs to the company. When combined or bundled with other offered packages, you can reap additional benefits in terms of profits and conversions.

SEO needs some specific sets of skills and it can take a considerable amount of time to find reliable experts in the field. So, why go through the hassle of setting up a new team when you can expand your service portfolio simply by joining an SEO reseller program?

3. Offers Additional Income from Existing Clients

This one’s a no-brainer: on adding SEO as your service offerings, you can choose to upsell it to your existing clientele.

It’s an incredible opportunity to generate additional revenue for your firm without having to bear any cost to the company. This needs not to mention that customer acquisition costs are considerably much higher than the cost of retaining existing ones. So, if there’s a scope to pitch and sell a new service to your exciting list of clients, then why not? Agency owners can be heavily benefitted through this approach.

4. Delivers Outstanding Service Quality

One of the primary benefits of SEO reselling is that it helps maintain an excellent quality of service to be offered to clients. If you end up building an average team of professionals with little to no experience in SEO services, there’s a high probability that your company’s goodwill will take a hit.

To cook up a formula surpassing such mishaps, it’s advisable to rest on experienced marketers to do the needful. A white label SEO reseller program can be the ideal solution to such a scenario as it allows you to hold high standards of service without having to cut deep wounds in your profitability.

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How Does A White label SEO Partnership Work?

The typical way how your company and a white label SEO reseller agency function largely depends on who you choose as your provider for SEO reseller services. It is also dependent on the type of partnership agreed upon and the types of SEO services that need to be fulfilled.

Now, let’s take a look at the kinds of partnerships and how they could benefit your agency.

1. Account Management and Client Relationships

In some cases, when a choice of partnering with a white label agency is made, all account management and client-oriented work are handled by your agency. The SEO reseller provider is responsible for handling all the SEO campaigning efforts and optimization deliverables.

In other scenarios, even the account management and client relationships can be managed by the SEO reseller. This implies that your white label partner will interact with the clients, becoming an extension of your agency for SEO issues.

This serves as an excellent option as your agency seems like a team that comprises expert SEOs while eliminating the extensive costs of paying an in-house professional.

2. Sales Enablement

If a situation arises where your client has mentioned exploring SEO as a marketing medium, and unfortunately, you aren’t equipped with sufficient collateral to prove your authority and sell SEO services to those customers.

This is exactly where your white label SEO reseller partner can come in handy, bigtime. The ideal service provider can offer insightful case studies, pitch decks, detailed reports, and market research – all branded under your agency’s name. This approach can enable you to pitch and close sales easily without having to be an expert in the field of SEO.

In fact, in some cases, the provider can directly get on a call and attend to the clients’ queries on your behalf to close sales.

3. Partnership or Specific Services?

This is a vital decision to make for you, as an agency owner. A white label SEO reseller company can offer you specific services like link building, social media management, or content strategizing. Sometimes, you can even choose to receive a full suite of services ranging from strategy, monthly reporting, and insights on campaign improvements.

Figure out what suits best for your agency and what scope of work lies on your dashboard, coming in from various clients. Make an informed decision and choose the ideal match as your white label SEO provider.

How to Select the Best SEO Reseller?

Different SEO reseller companies will have various philosophies on SEO strategies. Not much of a worry, however, your agency must be wary of what works better for you and your clients.

But, what should be the determining factors for the choice of your white label SEO partner? We’ll list them out.

1. Communication and Transparency

Just as any other marketing campaign, your marketing partner offering SEO services should be crystal clear in terms of communication, expectations, and services. They should offer a detailed report on their campaigns, strategies, and pricing.

If your agency partner is not that transparent on any of the above-mentioned aspects, look elsewhere.

2. Deliverables and Processes

During your demo call with your SEO reseller company, ensure that you ask about what strategies are to be involved and how they are to be executed. Keeping in mind the details that we mentioned above about the things to expect from your partner, notice whether the white label company knows what they are talking of.

Finally, inquire about their deliverables and their quantity – what should your clients expect to see at the end of the month? Your focus should be to enhance organic growth for your clients’ websites.

3. Experience and Credibility

Make this a must-have. The SEO team that you are going to work with should be experienced, they should have fair knowledge to serve your clients and act as per their pain points. You can choose to speak with some of the team members of the SEO partner to walk through their experience and past campaigns.

White Label SEO Partner vs. SEO Reseller – What to Choose?

Reseller SEO has gained popularity these days and often, it’s used synonymously with white label SEO. However, there are some key differences between the two concepts.

Reseller SEO is an offering where you get the freedom of choosing the core set of SEO actions that are needed as per your clients’ marketing plans. Depending on the requirement, you get to select the specific packages from an SEO reseller’s dashboard and offer them to your client. SEO reseller solutions do not offer any level of training, education, or support outside the purchased plan.

Let us now compare this concept with white label SEO services.

1. Access to a Team

On partnering with a white label service provider, you get to work with a dedicated project manager or an account coordinator who can guide you at every step to aid you in your projects and grow your agency. They will collaborate internally with a team of SEO specialists, help you communicate with your clients, and identify scopes of improvement in your search marketing strategies.

2. Strategy

In most cases, you are provided with a preset list of actionable items that come along with the reseller package. However, with white label services, you receive a bit more transparency on the strategy support. To be fair, a lot of intensive strategizing goes into developing these packages that work differently in various situations.

3. Support and Education

You are not provided with extensive support or education for the service that’s provided when you opt for reseller SEO packages. Hence, it’s critical to note that if you are somebody less knowledgeable in this regard, but want to closely work with a team offering detailed guides on how and what approaches are being taken to curb the marketing woes for their clients, it’s better that you opt for an experienced panel offering private label SEO services.

4. Ease of Sale Opportunities

When you’re simply providing a reseller SEO package, in most cases you are aware of the services on offer. If the results are not known at the beginning of the project, at least the scope of work is gaugable that will be offered in due course. However, in some cases with white label services, with more strategizing involved, the end product may vary between clients and comprise a lot more discovery.

5. Pricing Models and Margins

With an SEO reseller solution, you generally experience a lower cost per campaign as compared to a white label project provider. While this may not stand true in all cases, the reseller packages are so specifically defined that they can cut down on expenses and offer services at much-reduced rates.

How to Get Started?

If you are a non-technical person looking to provide SEO services to your clients, aim for specialized SEO agencies in your local area, and start interacting with them. You can choose to search online with keywords like, ‘white label SEO’, ‘SEO resellers’, and other similar terms.

If you own a marketing agency, start interacting with SEO agencies that offer white-label services, and look into their work history. It will be a good understanding to gauge how they position themselves differently as white label clients as compared to normal SEO clients. Gradually, talk through the expected reporting standards, proposals, and other necessary documentation.

Summing Up

Whether you are an established marketing agency willing to grow your service profile or a creative agency with limited knowledge on SEO and its perks, opting for reseller SEO services can be an exquisite way to boost your agency’s cash flow and welcome newer clients. Choose wisely and follow the steps that we mentioned above, things will fall in place.

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Kshitij Chaudhary