How digital marketing can make difference to growth of your business

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How Digital Marketing Can Effect the Growth of Your Business?

Feb 13, 2018
4 min read

The predominance of Digital Marketing far outweighs the Traditional Marketing in the current digital century. Digital Marketing makes the potential client feel connected with the Business concerned as if the client is a part of it. It tempts the potential clients to try products/services at least once, though they haven’t tried it before. Such is the power of Digital Marketing!

Today, Digital Marketing is the Ground Zero for you to find new leads for your business and effective way to ‘Go VIRAL’, which will result in brand development. To successfully use Digital Marketing to create viral content is however a challenge.


Let’s dig into the reasons why digital marketing is a must for the comprehensive growth of your business:


1. Digital Marketing is cost effective

Digital Marketing is infinitely cheaper and yields higher ROI than Traditional Marketing. Your Digital Marketing budget can bring you a lot of business because your ads can be seen by a much bigger target audience. The only hidden cost that you incur in Digital Marketing is time because SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media engagement take time to show magic. However, you can use other tactics like PPC, Social Media Advertising for swifter results.

2. You can engage Customers via Digital Marketing

You feel connected to a brand when you are contacted via Email. Don’t you? All digital marketing mediums allow you to communicate and reach out to a wide target audience. Such Communications help build strong relationships.

Successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns leads to Consumer empowerment and allows you to directly engage with customers or prospective clients. Going Digital also creates a consumer space, which helps brands understand what consumers expect from the customers.

3. Digital Marketing aids in winning the loyalty of folks 

Digital Marketing can help solve key business problems and grow customer loyalty, by boosting customer response. You can get in touch directly with your clients thereby winning the trust of existing and target customers.

SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content and Email Marketing, for example, can help in customer retention and build loyalty. You will have to follow a different approach with each of them but all of them are a practical necessity to build a strong relationship with the users.

4. Digital Marketing aids in estimating conversion

Higher the conversion rate, the better is your marketing! Business would surely like to estimate the productivity of their marketing activities. This can be done via Digital Marketing tools like Google Analytics and Crazy Egg.

5. Digital Marketing ensures better returns on marketing investment

Digital marketing is more cost effective than traditional marketing and thereby provides a better return on investment (ROI).  It’s hard to track and monitor in traditional marketing and is comparatively expensive too whereas digital marketing is much easier to monitor.

6. Digital Marketing Caters to the Mobile Consumer

A mobile phone is a much-carried gadget today. It is the new way of information dissemination that can help your business reach billions of customers across the globe. Businesses focusing on a mobile-friendly digital marketing strategy can ensure swift growth. So, if you want to reach people you need to start a mobile site.

7. Digital Marketing Builds Brand Reputation

A Business should focus on Branding because you cannot call your business successful until it has been established as a reputed Brand.

Proper Digital Marketing Strategy will help you manage your brand reputation and sustain in the competitive digital environment. Once your business is established as a brand, it will also improve your SERP ranking.

8. Digital Marketing persuade people to take the desired action

A brand can convince people to buy their products and services through an effectual digital plan. While landing page provides full information about products, their benefits, and uses, the call to action button tempts internet users to download an app or subscribe for services.

Digital marketing is, therefore, a must today for every business to compete with competitors and generate better revenue. When used effectively, digital marketing will help you achieve your Business goals.


Punam Raut