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A Prevailing Digital Marketing Plan for Startups

Aug 30, 2018
6 min read

Implementing digital marketing actions without having a fool-proof plan and tested strategy is the common mistake most of the business ventures make and get landed in complete failure.

If you are a startup and just getting started with your digital marketing, then you definitely need to stick to this content.

To get the best out of your online marketing, you need to make sure that you have a subtle plan to execute that curtails the chances of any unfortunate happenings.

A reliable plan can also help you to churn out the most without having to spend much amount on these services.

Ready to get started with a best-in-class plan to execute for your startup?

I have portrayed a step-by-step plan for your easiness along with on-the-go implementation to push your startup to extreme limits from the start.

Social Media Marketing:

First comes first, and that is certainly social media marketing.

It should be on the top of your plan due to its tremendous outreach to umpteen number of people.

Your social media marketing strategy needs to be extremely effective in order to help you drive in your target audience.

Being a startup, your main focus should be targeting more and more people, so why leave any stone unturned.

Stick to social media and start your digital marketing.

Wondering which is the best platform to proclaim yourself?

Although it varies from industry to industry for e.g. for B2B market LinkedIn is said to be the best platform and for B2C industries, almost all social channels works.

But, if you consider any industry there is one platform which works for all.

Any guess?

You might know the answer, it’s none other than Facebook.

Facebook advertisements are proved to be the most effective and can reach a number of buyers in the B2C and B2B world.

It is also one of the most economical services when taken in comparison with other contraries.

As per reports, more than 60% of the startups have planned to boost up their Facebook ad efforts. That’s a big number! So why let yourself stand last in the race.

Get up and plan your Facebook ads immediately.

Here’s how social media marketing amplifies your ROI (Return on Investment).

Increased Sales
Brand Awareness development
More generation of leads
More traffic attraction

Rather than just being stuck with the post advertisements, you should focus on graphically represented images and videos. As these are the most adored methods of social media marketing.

Content Marketing:

Next comes in the line is content marketing. Startup business ventures should contribute to initial efforts and start paying attention to their digital marketing strategies to broaden the horizons.

And right now, the most prominent and promising horizon is CX (Customer Experience).

Want to indulge with more and more customers?

Embrace your CX! Companies who have elegant CX are more likely to delight their customers rather than the ones with poor CX.

More than 75% of the startups have a blog section on their website.

Do you have one? Having a blog is extremely necessary, but the thing that is far more indispensable than this is having an effective blog.

An effective data-driven blog is something your company should focus upon.

You can look for buyer needs and construct a call-to-action blog to address their needs.

They will be psychologically pushed to purchase, as this is a proven thing.

Email Marketing:

I have come across a ton of companies that are taking email marketing for granted and are facing a downfall due to it.

Email marketing is the strongest pillar of natural outgrowth of any company especially when you are a startup.

Email marketing amplifies the power of your content to multiple times when you wisely make use of it.

It also assists you in getting the best from your marketing budget.

You can use snippets from your blog posts and commence an e-mail campaign.

Believe me, customers will be drooled to look at what your website offers. All you need is just a smart email constructing team.

Some advantages of email marketing offers over other strategies.

Genuine Customers
Wider Reach
Free to Use
Easy to Create Bespoke Emails

Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing is rapidly on the rise as with coming days it is becoming the most recognized marketing technique and there’s a good reason behind this.

A recent study has claimed that influencer marketing is ten times more efficient and effective than other traditional marketing strategies.

You must have admitted that influencer marketing is very effective and wondering how to get the best influencer, right?

This is the thing most of the businesses ask for.

To get a reliable and prominent social influencer, you need to take care of the below-mentioned recommendations.

Influencer’s Reach: An influencer with no or less reach is of no use. You should look for influencers having a higher fan base and larger reach.

Consider mutual interests: Social influencer should satisfy your brand’s demography. Say if you are into the sports industry and your influencer is of technical background, it will not work. So choosing an influencer according to the mutual interest is extremely vital.

Influencer’s authenticity: Your brand’s reputation completely relies on the type of influencer you have hired. If you are a startup, then you need to make your first step right. So look for genuine influencers that can help you in the long run.

Keeping these points in mind you will be directed to the best social influencer. However, there are many more factors related to it.

You can check them out by short-listing some influencers and scrutinizing their background and effectiveness.

This fool-proof plan will be your alma mater and will assist you in making an impact on the market. Also, you need to keep a watchful eye on the resulting graph before and after deploying this plan.

Try to improvise things according to your business type and needs and get expert advice whenever required.

Keep in mind your every move is responsible for your business growth, so taking steps before ensuring everything will make the things move in the right flow.

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Kshitij Chaudhary