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11 Inbound Practices for a Start-up

Sep 3, 2018
5 min read

Do you want to know how your service based start-up company can actually conquer over the targets of various departments of your enterprise in the shortest possible time?

Well, there is actually no formula to success.

Earlier it was said that hard work is the key to success but now the extended answer to the formula for success comprises of marketing strategy and its implementation along with hard work when talked in context to start-up enterprises.

The take-off point for the success of a service based enterprise is its inbound marketing.

Let us have a quick recap on inbound marketing before taking things further-

Inbound marketing is a promotional strategy which enables a company to compel the customers to avail its services via blogs, video, SEO, eBooks, podcasts, newsletter, social media marketing and other distinct types of content marketing tools.

It emphasizes generating reasons for customers to avail your services.

So coming to the point, what are the inbound marketing techniques to be used in its various stages?

Can you do anything without reading the mind of your customers? What they want and expect?

It can be done by creating a grasping content to accentuate the wants and expectations of target customers.


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Under below are 11 techniques to know about your customer

1. Check out your FaceBook page insight

It is essential to understand your customer and Facebook page of your enterprise can be of immense help.

Your concerned Facebook page and its followers as well as their age; gender can easily help to understand the trends in the market.

This can help in understanding the demography applicable to your concern.

But it is not all as the review at Facebook can only aid to know who have shown interest in your start-up, but you cannot know through it what interests them most.

To know what sort of content you should be creating, check out the next point.

2. Survey your current customers and the leads

The survey is probably the easiest way to accentuate to know what is clicking and what not in the target market.

The best mode to conduct a survey is via survey monkey, needing just filling a form and knowing their biggest hardships.

3. Organize an in-depth interview

To know more comprehensively, ask about their experience and struggle through the means like a video call or telephone call comfortable to customers.

Analyze their reply and use them while formulating content.

4. Develop unique and interesting content

The creation of quality content is extremely vital for inbound marketing success.

Content that fails to create its mark usually fails to achieve the target and if you really want to succeed, make sure to create exceptional content having potency to create not only the interest of reader but also to find a top position on the search engines.

5. Begin with captivating headlines

Don’t you get attracted to catchy titles of an article?

Striking headlines can compel the reader to read and therefore more clicks and traffic can be achieved.

Though one shouldn’t always practice it, a negative headline often works as users are always curious to know mistakes and learn from them.

6. Broaden the spectrum and use other sorts of media in your content

What does your eye glimpse on the first while reading a newspaper or anything?

The answer would be pictures, videos etc and by using them, you can keep the reader’s interest intact till the end of the content.

7. Opt for detailed data-driven content

In place of short posts, go for long content having detailed information in your content.

Long data and videos based on facts, figures, research, and analysis work amazingly.

Good content is always shared which in turn is lucrative in generating leads.

8. Include stories in your content

Ask your writing team to pin down conversational content in stories as these are an ideal model to inform customers about your services.

9. Begin guest posts

It is one of the primes and best inbound marketing strategy.

Guest posting facilitates connection with the key influencer, backlinks, and authority in space.

10. Regular and consistent posts

Consistent posting aids in gaining the attention of the target customers. So, regular and consistent posting will prove to be lucrative for you.

11. Achieve results on SEO

It is significant to have knowledge of SEO to give a kick-start to your start-up business as today’s world has a search-driven market. You very carefully need to focus on on-page SEO and backlinks.

Some final words:

Prior to launching a start-up, you need to ensure that you are executing best-in-class practices for swift growth.

Since inbound marketing is the leading technique to escalate your buyers, leads, and visitors, you must start implementing the aforementioned tactics right-away to thrive further.

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Punam Raut