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Account-based marketing or ABM can help you boost your sales by targeting high-potential clients and converting them into loyal customers. Use our services at Dintellects for customized ABM strategies to meet your goals.

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When it comes to ABM, one size does not fit all, and it takes an experienced account-based marketing agency to discover high value accounts and define the right strategy for your company in addition to executing the plan faultlessly to generate maximum ROI for your brand.

Effective B2B Marketing Strategy


According to a recent study, 92% companies reported that account-based marketing is extremely important to their overall marketing strategy. This is even more relevant for B2B companies that can benefit from result-oriented B2B marketing strategies instead of casting a wide net in the hope of catching a few high value customers.

At Dintellects, a premier B2B marketing agency, we use cutting edge technology to meticulously analyze data and identify the accounts you must target to grow your bottomline, making your marketing process much more streamlined, personalized, and effective.

Personalised Approach to Targeting Key Accounts


Using account-based marketing, you can reach all the appropriate people in any specific division of any the company you are targeting while also customizing all your advertisements and landing pages to talk about that particular company’s pain points and how you can alleviate them.

At Dintellects, not only do we help you in identifying target markets but also craft targeted marketing strategies to help you touch base with multiple contacts in various companies with personalized content they are most likely to act upon.

Build Relationships With Your Target Buyers


A truly successful ABM strategy must focus on customer experience to build genuine relationships with
prospective buyers at targeted accounts.

The team at Dintellects is well-experienced in target audience marketing and can help you build long-lasting
relations with multiple contacts at your targeted accounts to gain lifetime brand advocates for your business.


I had no idea about Account Based Marketing. This was a entirely new concept for me and I am really glad and thankful to team Dintellects they recommended this technique to me. They helped me to find some good prospects and together we were able to close some good deals. They did an amazing job in recommending and executing the overall marketing campaign.

Nishant Sinha

Owner, Webtech Evaluation

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